Does this Clematis need to be thinned?


I've had this Clematis for about 10 years. Each fall I trim it down; each spring I guide it toward a series of wires for it to grow on. However, it always grows in and around itself creating a huge glob. Does it need to be thinned?

q does this clematis need to be thinned
q does this clematis need to be thinned
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  • William William on Jun 01, 2019

    I have two. One always grows up and the other clumps up also. I do my best to unravel it and guide it up. I think thinning it would just give more room for it to grow into it self. But you can give it a try.

  • Deanna Deanna on Jun 03, 2019

    It looks to me like your clematis is very crowded.

    Clear away the other plants and give it some light and air.

  • Carol Marthens Carol Marthens on Jun 04, 2019

    I would suggest that next year you give it a real trellis to climb, and let it do it's thing. Needs a trellis with about 4" grid to climb and I'll bet it takes off and up. Just a thought

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    • Carol Marthens Carol Marthens on Jun 04, 2019

      I have the same problem with wind. Ended up getting some 5' pieces of rebar at Lowes and pounded that about 2.5' in the ground and wiring the trellis to that. I think the thing is clematis doesn't like to climb on wires the way the leaves work to cling.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jun 04, 2019

    It needs a trellis since it's a vine & trellis needs secured with rebar or metal fence posts into ground to hold weight of plant and stay upright if you cannot afford trellis just get 2 metal fence posts and wrap thick twine around them many times from top to bottom so the Clematis has something to grow on/up thru. It needs off the ground to remain healthy and bloom