How do I find the seeds on a Poinsettia?

by Witch
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  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jan 16, 2019

    Here's good pics of reproductive parts for you seeds are inside of triangular shaped female pod scroll down thru article to see all photos uses I  plants

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Jan 16, 2019

    Hi Witch, The bright red “flower” of a poinsettia is not really a flower at all – it’s made of up special leaves called bracts that have evolved to look like flower petals. The real flower consists of the small yellow parts in the center of the bracts. This is where the pollen is produced and where your poinsettia seed pods will develop.

    Poinsettias have both male and female parts and can either self-pollinate or cross pollinate with other poinsettias. If your poinsettias are outside, the might be pollinated naturally by insects. Since they bloom in the winter, however, you’re probably keeping them as houseplants and will have to pollinate them yourself. With a cotton swab, gently brush against every flower, making sure to pick up some pollen each time.

    After a while, you should start seeing poinsettia seed pods – big bulbous green things growing up on stalks out of the flowers. When the plant starts to fade, pick the poinsettia seed pods and store them in a paper bag in a dry place. After the pods are brown and dry, collecting poinsettia seeds should be as easy as popping the pods open inside the bag.