How do I grow aspagus?

The area is sometime wet
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  • Asparagus grows in mounds, and after first planting takes 2 - 3 years to produce.
    Asparagus grows from seed, and plants live 20 to 30 years in good growing conditions. In U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, asparagus is hardy, and plants grow 3 to 5 feet tall. Young asparagus shoots can sometimes cause skin irritation, and the red berries produced by female asparagus plants are poisonous.

  • This link will help you out. You might need to move your asparagus patch to a drier location in your yard.

    Have fun and good luck!

  • Beth1963 Beth1963 on Jun 20, 2017
    Asparagus loves water!! That's why it grows well in ditches (wild asparagus). But it must be an area that will dry out after a few days. If you're starting from seed, be prepared to wail for several years. I recommend buying root stock from a reputable source (look into it for your area and pick it up locally if you can).

    Dig a trench down to about 14 inches, with enough space for each root to have about 2 feet around it. So, for instance if you want to plant 5 roots, you need a trench 14 inches deep, and 10 feet long, by 2 feet wide. Put the roots into the trench on top of some loosely mounded dirt by first spreading out the roots it looks bit like an octopus with legs stretched out all around it, then bury it. Tamp down the soil and water it really well!

    Whenever the ground is wet in that spot, sprinkle it with salt to kill the grass! Don't worry. The asparagus will come up, but nothing else will grow there (no weeds, no grass).....but it will take up to 3 years to see a good crop of asaragus.

  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on Jun 21, 2017
    The best asparagus l ever grew came from a ditch out by a country roadway. For some reason it grew profusely every year it this ditch for about 1/2 mile. Some of the stalks would reach 6 feet high. I will take wild asparagus any day of the week over domestic. I always planted mine just the way it grew in the ditch. (not paying a lot of attention to spacing)and never had a problem. The problem nowadays is everything gets sprayed with nasty chemicals and most of the wild asparagus has died out.