How do I winter my potted plants, I live in Boise, Idaho?

by Trudy

I have put most of my plants in pots this last spring, and put rock in the flower beds, I like the look but do I need to bring them in, maybe the garage or covered back porch? The pot range from 3 gallons to 10 gallons.

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  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 27, 2018

    Hi Trudy. If the pots are ceramic or clay I would take them into the garage otherwise they can break over winter. As long as the plants in the pots are perennials for yoir zone they should come back. Just put the pots back out in spring. Good Luck!

    • Trudy Trudy on Sep 27, 2018

      THanks, Amanda, some are ceramic, some are clay, and some are plastic. Think I will put them in the garage, it has windows, they will get sun. To large for the house.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 27, 2018

    Hi, Trudy! It all depends on how cold your winters get. Any plants in pots are susceptible to freezing the roots since they don't have the deep soil to protect them. I have a lot of tropicals that I put in the house every year in the fall before it gets too cold. Mine are in huge pots and I made platforms with good castors for all of them so that all we have to do is lift them up the steps into the house and roll them to where I will over winter them with plant lights to keep them healthy. If you bring them in the house, just remember that their watering needs may change due to the lower humidity in the house with the heat on. If you bring them in, make sure you inspect them well for critters on the leaves or soil and treat them so that they do not spread before you bring them in or all your plants may become infested. Good luck overwintering your plants! I use to see what the overwintering needs of my plants are because some of the plants may be different than others in how they are treated as far as watering and fertilizing.

    • Trudy Trudy on Sep 27, 2018

      Thanks, Nancy, your advise is going to be very helpful.

  • Anthony Anthony on Sep 27, 2018

    If you have a sunny window location ( south ) then bring them there. ..and water at least once a week, unless you see wilting.

    • Trudy Trudy on Sep 27, 2018

      Thanks, the garage has windows so I’ll think I will put them there. Just hope I don’t forget to water them.

  • Mindshift Mindshift on Oct 08, 2018

    Plant roots in plastic pots are most likely to freeze if left out through winter. Truly hardy plants will return, but the freezing could take its toll. Clay pots provide more insulation than plastic, but terra cotta and ceramic are likely to crack or spall from freezing. Clay pots fired at high temperatures are much less likely to suffer damage from freezes, but they are more expensive and harder to find. Concrete pots can also be damaged by freezing, though it may take some years. Concrete with added polymers will go through freezes without damage. But, as concrete is heavy, these planter are best for permanent installation. Wood is not affected by freezes and provides some insulation against the cold, but it's best to line or paint the interior of a wooden planter to prevent rot. Metal is also not affected by freezing, but it doesn't provide any insulation for plant roots. In fact, metal containers should be set in shade during summer to prevent roots from getting too hot. Resin pots are perhaps the best choice since they are not damaged by freezing and also provide insulation for plant roots.