How should I take care of this plant?

I just bought this plant last week and don't really know how to take care of it.
Should it be in the direct sun or not ? How much water?
and which kind of plant is it?

thank's for your help
q how should i take care of this plant
q how should i take care of this plant
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  • MARY MARY on Aug 24, 2017
    That's referred to as a prayer plant and you probably already notice that the leaves fold up at night and reopen in the morning when it's light out. Here's a link to help you care for it

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    • Sta28680341 Sta28680341 on Aug 26, 2017
      Repot it. They like lots of space. It grows very fast with minimal effort. Water once a week. I even keep my huge one outside for the summer months. They need light but not direct sun and will grow delicate white flowers. I love this plant. Mine is probably a decade old.

    • Amelia Randall Amelia Randall on Aug 26, 2017
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  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Aug 24, 2017
    South sun, water when the soil on top is dry to the touch, don't over water or the leaves will yellow.

  • BobC BobC on Aug 24, 2017
    I bought my prayer plant this spring in a 4" put. I keep it on my north facing front porch so it only see's sun for a few minutes in the very early morning. It's now in a 8" pot and very bushy - it recently sent up some very small light violet flower spikes so i assume it's pretty happy with it's environment.

    I water it every 5-8 days, I just lift the pot up to judge if it needs water

  • V Smith V Smith on Aug 24, 2017
    I have a prayer plant that is almost 40 years old. It was a house/Christmas gift in 1977. It has been in 4 homes. Our first house had low level light and while the plant didn't get big or bushy it did flower every year, that is how it spent the first 28 years. Since then it has been in three sunny homes and grown bushy. One house with eastern light and two with western light no direct sun on it. I water my plants once a week from the top or fill the reservoir on the bottom. Thirteen years ago I got a small prayer plant in an arrangement of smallish plants it is now the same size as the older one and it also blooms. Their flowers are small and white with tiny pink veins. The one thing they don't have is the red veins on the leaves, mine are just shades of green. I don't know if it's something lacking in their care or if it is the variety. They seem like strong happy plants.

  • Hus28748834 Hus28748834 on Aug 24, 2017
    I currently have 5 prayer plants in my house. They LOVE north facing windows and will thrive! To keep them full and beautiful, I trim the long "branches" at (under) a node and root in a glass of water. As they sprout roots (pretty quickly) I fill in the plants that have space.
    Also...They are wonderful and easy to root and make great gifts for friends!!
    I also trim off the leaves that may get dry (brown) at the tips - doesn't happen often.

  • Yvon Vaillant Yvon Vaillant on Aug 24, 2017
    This Plant is called a prayer plant and check on line for how to care for.

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 24, 2017
    The plant is also known by the slang term "Sensitive Plant" due to its leaves folding up immediately when touched. When I water my house plants (which is once a week, except for succulents that are watered 10-14 days), I take the pot to the sink and water well ... that is, until the water comes out the bottom. It creates healthier root development. I then wait for the dripping to stop and each plant is returned to its outer/decorative pot. I find it isn't fussy about light but avoid extremes - too dark a location or too much direct south/westerly sun as the leaves might fade and/or burn. It's an easy-care plant.

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 24, 2017
    My apologies! The plant you have is a "Maranta" - also known as "Prayer Plant" and NOT Sensitive Plant. Sensitive Plant closes up when touched as well and is sometimes confused with Prayer Plant. I have had both plants, however, and cared for them the very same as any of my other house plants ... as described above. I found it as easy to look after as the Sensitive Plant (called Mimosa Pudica).

  • Barb Barb on Aug 24, 2017
    Hello Noemie, I lived up North (USA) and ran a Plant Dept for nine years. I now live in the south (USA). If you live in the North (USA), I would keep your plant out of cold weather. In warmer weather keep it out of direct sun. I found a sand/soil mix worked well. Keep moist and do not over water. Misting and keeping leave clean. Check for pest under leaves. Your local plant store will have pest control products. Or you can look up environmental friendly pest mixtures online. Your plant looks like it could use a pot size bigger. Don't be in a hurry and buy a extra large pot. They do grow fast so check every few months.

  • Jen Jen on Aug 24, 2017
    I have two of these plants I bought at a plant show this past spring. I was told they prefer shade so I keep up on my porch where they get the morning sun for a couple of hours (maybe). Then in shade the rest of the day. Water once every one to two weeks and then let dry out, but not too dry. I had to repot, and they are doing quite nicely. Beautiful plants!

  • Patti Flack Patti Flack on Aug 24, 2017
    That is a prayer plant. I had one when I was in college and gave it to my Mom when I graduated. Check this link for care:

  • Jeannie Carle Jeannie Carle on Aug 24, 2017
    As everyone else says - "Prayer Plant" - SO easy to care for!

  • Diane Carlson Diane Carlson on Aug 24, 2017
    this is what was called "prayer plant" in the 70s. Indirect sunlight or just morning direct light. Water when soil feels dry when you poke finger into the dirt about 1/2 inch. Cut off any dying leaves as they just pull the health out of the plant. If you want to fertilize use Schultz Instant drops mixed with water in March and April at least. Repot if plant gets to looking like it is too big for its pot. Overwatering is a definite no no for this plant. Notice how leaves raise up and look like hands in prayer after dark? Nice houseplant.

  • Smc2409141 Smc2409141 on Aug 25, 2017
    Mine get brown tips on the leaves anyone else have that problem. If so any idea what causes it? I just keep cutting them off, but the new ones eventually seem to get brown just on the pointed tip? Any ideas? Thanks!

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    • Jamie Jamie on Aug 27, 2017
      Hi, heard brown means it's dry and yellow means to much water

  • Sis15104622 Sis15104622 on Aug 27, 2017
    Thanks Jamie, good to know. 👌🏼👍😇

  • Nancy Nancy on Aug 27, 2017
    You probably already know it is a prayer plant. Try increasing the humidity around the plant. Also use distilled water when watering. Works for spider plants anyway.