I didn’t know what to do with this.


I made 3 little holes, put some soil and planted two roots they are growing nicely.

q i didn t know what to do with this

3 little holes. You can add if wanted

q i didn t know what to do with this

i have a clouple of this plants. I cut them leave them in water for the roots , to come out.

q i didn t know what to do with this

This is what I got after 2 months. I Esther them one or twice a week.

q i didn t know what to do with this

Love the way it’s coming out.

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  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Aug 18, 2018

    Gorgeous plant. I love these. I have one on my patio that's growing crazy. I too take clippings and start new plants. I believe (not absolutely sure) it's called a Philodendrum of some sort. Take a leaf to the garden department in Home Depot or Lowes and the employees will absolutely help you. Best of luck.

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 18, 2018

    Milagros what did you plant?

  • Oliva Oliva on Aug 18, 2018

    Diana is correct. It is a philodendren. Over time, your plant can attain lengths of 4-5 feet, left uncut, or continue to take cuttings and multiply the plant! They last forever, with good care.

  • AussieAlf AussieAlf on Aug 19, 2018

    Actually i think the plant pothos, also called devils ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

  • Gma8064473 Gma8064473 on Aug 19, 2018

    I agree with aussiealf it's a pathos plant philodendrum have split leaves

  • Janerose Janerose on Aug 19, 2018

    it is def a Pothos

  • Joan Stanley Joan Stanley on Aug 28, 2018

    We just call it Ivy. There are many types. Some run long like this and some bunch. Some have verigated leaves some don't. Great for house plants because they don't need a lot of light. They can be grown in dirt or water. Just be sure to change the water once a week.

  • Dee Dee on Sep 15, 2018

    That is just too cute, I have an old watering can and am going to make one too. Thanks for sharing.