Should i tear out last years tomato plants?

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  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 23, 2018
    Yes. And rember to rotate your veggie crops.

  • Alice Alice on Feb 23, 2018
    Although in their native habitat, tomato plants grow as perennials, they are usually grown as an annual for cultivation. Tomatoes are referred to as tender perennials, as they will generally succumb once temperatures drop, especially once frost hits.

  • Amanda Amanda on Feb 23, 2018
    Hello. Yes you should. You should always remove all old plants from your garden to prevent disease and pest for the next season. Every fall I remove my old plants.

  • Yes. And like DFM said rotate your crops

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 23, 2018

  • Esther McCray Esther McCray on Feb 23, 2018
    Yes, definitely, if possible it is best to plant tomatoes in a different bed or simply add some epsom salt to the existing bed.

  • Dolphinlady896 Dolphinlady896 on Feb 23, 2018
    Yes u. You have to replant new ones

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 23, 2018
    You always remove them at the end of the season, that way if they are harboring any kind or virus or disease it isn't left in the soil over winter to come back and affect the garden, especially if you never move where you plant your tomatoes. Always pick up any leaves and fruits that drop from the plants also. Always discard spent tomato plants and leaves and do not recycle them, as they may harbor more problems that will spread throughout your compost bin/pile, I burn mine in our pit with branches and other things as soon as I take them out.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Feb 23, 2018
    Yes- you should have done this in the fall. But never too late....

  • Ssherwin77 Ssherwin77 on Feb 23, 2018
    Thanks, Lisa, I am in Los Angeles, so I "spaced."

  • Esther McCray Esther McCray on Feb 23, 2018
    It helps speed up plant growth, increase a plants nutrient uptake, deter pests, increase flavor of fruit and veggies, plus increase the output of vegetation and improve overall plant health.