What type of succulent is this?

I can't seen to find the exact name of this plant. I was given this and was told it's a succulent
q what type of succulent is this
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  • Jeannie Jeannie on Oct 31, 2017
    I know they put out TONS of babies but can't remember the name.

  • Sandra Crosbie Sandra Crosbie on Nov 01, 2017
    A very unhealthy looking one. Lol!! I know it's not the helpful answer you might have been expecting, but I couldn't resist.
    I have no idea on plant names.πŸ’ƒπŸŒΏπŸπŸŒ΅

    • Angie E Cates Angie E Cates on Nov 01, 2017
      But it’s actually very healthy and even has new baby leaves all over it. This is actually the way the plant looks.😜

  • Paula Tucker Armendariz Paula Tucker Armendariz on Nov 01, 2017
    I've always known this plant to be called the maternity plant. I'm sure that's not the exact name probably, but that's what we call it here in Texas.

  • Floridamom Floridamom on Nov 01, 2017
    It has several names, Mother of Thousands and Mexican Hat are the ones I know. It gets MANY babies and can get out of control easily, be careful where you put it. The babies even grew in the bed of my husband's truck!

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Nov 01, 2017
    Looks like a Mother of Thousands. Love this succulent!

  • Dar Dar on Nov 01, 2017
    I've heard it called an artillery plant.

  • Nar9872151 Nar9872151 on Nov 01, 2017
    We call it Mother of Hundreds here in South Texas. Mother of Thousands is a Kalankoe and a little different. I have both. The plant shown is an older plant. It is not sick. They are cute when young but soon get lanky. If left alone, it will take over your planting area. Goffer217

  • Charlene Charlene on Nov 01, 2017
    The plant you show there is called "Job's Tears". Each of the points on the leaves produces a 'baby plant' and then drops them wherever. They sprout where they drop and are quite prolific. If you do not constantly weed them out and start them in new pots, the babies will run you out of house and home or choke out the mother plant causing it to be skinny and weak.

    As far as the adult plant, often times the soil begins to settle or erode away from the base of the plant causing the base and roots to grow thin and weak. So, keeping the soil built up around the plant base, keeping all baby plants transplanted into other pots, and NOT over watering, they will look good for a long time. Also, it is best to transplant them once in a while to allow the roots room to grow. Happy planting and God bless, cshrock513

  • Jane Jane on Nov 01, 2017
    Chickens and Hens. I know it sounds funny but they do reproduce with the babies on the leaves. You can take them and put them in soil. And reproduce.
    It's in the succulent family would need to be planted in sandy soil.

  • Geology48 Geology48 on Nov 01, 2017
    Kalanchoe daigremontiana

  • Triddle Colleen Ramp Triddle Colleen Ramp on Nov 01, 2017

    Kalanchoe daigremontiana, the Maternity plant, or Mother of Thousands

  • Vic15720287 Vic15720287 on Nov 01, 2017
    It is called an Alligator plant. Check it out on Google.

    • Evelyn Evelyn on Nov 01, 2017
      At least that is what we call it here in lovely Louisiana, the Bayou State!!

  • GG GG on Nov 01, 2017
    Whatever it is, it sounds like it can be invasive and that sounds like more work than it's worth!

  • Courtney Courtney on Nov 01, 2017
    Thanks for the info everyone! I do know also they sprout pink flowers at the ends so is this really helpful. I will be planting it in a ceramic planter with other succulents.

  • Diane Diane on Nov 01, 2017
    I always heard this called Mother of Millions. A lady gave my a small plant and it tried to take over my yard. Seriously, this plant drops seeds and it spreads profusely. Good luck!

  • Mansfield Mansfield on Nov 01, 2017
    It calls pregnant plant and will have pink flowers at the end of the year around dec or so and last very long

  • Sue Lethbridge Sue Lethbridge on Nov 01, 2017
    Mexican Hat Plant is what I've aLways called it. Tons of babies and yes, your plant looks fine. Just like the one I have.

  • Fir12495815 Fir12495815 on Nov 01, 2017
    We called them the pregnant plant .... creates stunning flowers, however this plant takes the term invasive to a new level. I placed a few plants strategically in my front bed. Prior to this colossal mistake, I had large urns with potted plants arranged on a hardscape of crushed granite in a stream effect with several areas of purple heart wandering jew.
    The little seedlings will sprout everywhere, pushing between the crushed granite and even attaching to the ground cover ... into the yard, in the potted plants, in the seams on the sidewalk. Planting them in a pot will not keep them contained, I don't think anything keeps them contained. LOL
    For every plant I removed, there would be at least ten to twenty more to pop up.
    They were beautiful in full bloom, but it took close to two years to get all of them out of my beds and yard. I finally ended up digging out the entire planting area and starting over.

  • Besie Harvey Besie Harvey on Nov 01, 2017
    It is a Kalanchoe, it is supposed to be good to treat cancer, just add it to your salad or smoothies.

  • Aab21420634 Aab21420634 on Nov 01, 2017
    Jobs' Tears or Mother of Thousands, are a couple of common names. If you go on line with these names pretty sure you can get the botanical name.

  • Kas9730169 Kas9730169 on Nov 01, 2017
    Viviparous is the botanical name. Plant is Used for med. purposes.

  • Kaz21940475 Kaz21940475 on Nov 01, 2017
    It’s actually a kalanchoe !

  • Phy18681719 Phy18681719 on Nov 01, 2017
    mother of thousands beware

  • Diane Mitchell Diane Mitchell on Nov 01, 2017
    Mother of millions plant

  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on Nov 01, 2017
    I have one that I have had for about40 years I have heard it called a lot of different names but mainly a (maternity plant) because it produces so many babies about every 3 months. I usually wait until the babies are about a 1/4 to 5/8 inches long then pull them off and drop into other pots. If you let them get much bigger they will fall all over the place, that's why everyone says they are invasive. I have given thousands of these away.I have 4 large stems in a very large pot and the oldest one is about 20 feet long. I tie the top to the middle of the stem so it doesn't hang over a lot. By the way, the babies love to grow on carpet

  • Courtney Courtney on Nov 01, 2017
    I think I won't be keep this plant. Lol we are remodeling our yard and I definitely don't want it taking over our yard.

  • Mon15442229 Mon15442229 on Nov 02, 2017
    Bryophyllum daigremontianum, mother of thousands. Native to Madagascar. Poisonous.

  • Terri gilbert Terri gilbert on Nov 02, 2017
    Lled it It is a Mother of Millions. It is native to Madagascar. It is toxic to pets. My boss had one that had babies start in the pot of the largest poinsettia that I have ever seen and almost immediately, the poinsettia started to die. This thing was from the best she could recall, close to 18 years old. That is the only thing we could think of that could have killed it at least.

  • Kathy Miller Kathy Miller on Nov 02, 2017
    We call this a pregnant plant.

  • Sco28377652 Sco28377652 on Nov 02, 2017
    it is called a pregnant plant

  • Theresa Lendl Theresa Lendl on Nov 02, 2017
    That's a Mother of Millions. Mexican hat plant reproduces the same way but it actually much broader and prettier. I have both.

  • LeAnn Cox LeAnn Cox on Nov 02, 2017
    Piggy back plant.

  • Aparecida Loures Aparecida Loures on Nov 02, 2017
    Kalanchoe delagoensis or mother of thousands.

  • Mmc23268330 Mmc23268330 on Nov 03, 2017
    I had one and it was cslled a Maternity Plant. The new growth on the plant are the babies. The babies just fall off in the soil and they become mother plants. You can just brush them off and start them in other containers. Be warned that if you do not thin them out they will take over.

  • Bobbi Burton Bobbi Burton on Nov 03, 2017
    I've known it as Mother of Millions. I've been hoping to get one for years but can't find one. I know its not a Prayer Plant.

  • Courtney Courtney on Nov 04, 2017
    Thank You to everyone who educated me on this plant. I would had never thought such a plant can do that and be invasive.. with my husband giving our front yard an overhaul/makeover I don't want this plant to take over and be a problem

  • Lis12014883 Lis12014883 on Nov 04, 2017
    I thought it was a weed. it is in all my flower beds and it comes back evn after you pull roots,

  • Beth Beth on Nov 04, 2017
    It is mother of millions, a toxic weed here in Brisbane, Australia. It can kill cattle and even small kids who may eat it. It chokes waterways and the only asy to eradicate it is hand removal,going over the same patch at least 4 times in a year to 'catch' the babies. A truly nasty imported plant.

  • Kate Jarvis Kate Jarvis on Nov 05, 2017
    Very invasive plant. We went north for the summer and came back to Florida and had hundreds of full grown and baby plants. I do like this plant but ended up removing all of them Good Luck.

  • Jennasdomain Jennasdomain on Nov 06, 2017
    Here we call it "mother of many" and yes, it is pretty but invasive. I was given a pot with purple wandering Jew and it was apparently in there...four years later it's everywhere! It even blew clear across the driveway and started on the other side! We thought it looked like little Palm trees but beware!

  • Janie Janie on Aug 08, 2020

    It's a Mother of Thousands. As invasive as weeds.