Hanging "pots": How to prepare?

I bought some hanging "pots" made of natural fiber from coconut trees and planted them. I liked that the drainage would be no problem. Now I find that the soil is actually washing through the fibers and I have to keep adding soil to cover the roots. This summer I am stuck with the problem but I want to fix it for another year. I added some super absorbent stuff before adding the soil hoping it would keep the roots happy but that is not good enough apparently. Should I line it with something?

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  • Many people use disposable diapers. I use coffee filters and works great. Just a matter of personal preference.

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    • H. Chené Maurer H. Chené Maurer on Jul 17, 2017
      I can try that.

  • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on Jul 13, 2017
    I would line it. Maybe with something like what they use for weed barrier, because that will still allow for drainage without letting the soil seep through with it.

  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Jul 13, 2017
    Lay a scrap of fabric in the basket first. the water will still run through but not the dirt. An old T-shirt would be fine.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Jul 13, 2017
    The weed barrier is a great idea, or you can get a product similar to a peat pot, but larger, that you can lay inside and then plant in it. It'll keep the soil from washing away, allow water to drain and will eventually break down, perfect for perennials

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 13, 2017
    All organic material will rot eventually. I definitely like the idea of planted the coconut baskets. But I never thought of using a diaper in the garden to help drainage. It sounds like a good idea, as long as the roots grow strong. But you will need to remove the diapers, since the plastic won't rot. Also, extra-absorbant diapers have a gel pack that needs to be removed. I would get another coconut basket as early as possible next year so you can experiment to see what combination you list best. Best wishes 😇

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 13, 2017
    Do not use disposable diapers,the product inside does harm to your plants. Use Landscape fabric.