How do I make a herb garden with a small space?


How do I make a herb garden with a small space and what is the best herbs to start with.

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  • I would choose the herbs that I use, Gay. Here's a link to get you started:

  • Hi Gay, it depends on what herbs you like to use most, but basil, parsley, oregano, and thyme are all easy to grow. You could use a small space or several containers. Good luck!

    • Gay Dillard Gay Dillard on Jan 01, 2019

      I am just starting to use herbs so I really don't know so thank you for your suggestion.

  • Oliva Oliva on Dec 28, 2018

    Rosemary takes full sun and requires little water. Deer, rabbits and cats avoid it. Same for sage, which comes in solid and variegated leaf varirties. Thyme is a perennial herb in many areas. Lemon thyme has a fresh scent.

    Basil deters flies and works well planted with tomatoes.

    Oregano likes hot weather and has low water needs.

    Parsley is visited by black swallowtail butterflies.

    Chives grow easily and will self seed.

    Lavender can be used in baking and spreads over time. The buds can be used for sachets in drawers to repel moths. It, too needs little water and does well in poor soils.

  • Basil, rosemary and mint are all easy to grow. I would recommend putting them right by a sunny window and making sure they have good drainage or else they won't last very long. Good luck!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 28, 2018

    How big of a space and where do you intend to have the herb garden. Start with the herbs you know you will use the most. Herbs are easy to grow and will grow to fit the pot, the bigger the pot, the larger plant you will get. You may need to provide additional light to have them grow the best, they really like a lot of sun and a window by them may not be enough for the plants to grow full. I use ten to twelve inch pots outside and mine get huge. I let them grow for a while so that I am not harvesting herbs and having to wait until they grow back before I can have more. My parsley gets almost two feet high and wide in my big pot. I tried bringing in my six pots once for the winter and only my rosemary did well enough to put back out in the spring, the rest got really spindly or didn't make it, even though they were by the large south windows at the back of the house, they just didn't get enough light to do well. The rosemary turned into a bush over the winter and did well for another two years until it was just too large and woody for the pot. Put your pots on a tray with stones or gravel on it so that they can drain well when you water them. As the first few pots are growing, think about other herbs that you want to use in the kitchen for cooking and add more as you have the space. You could easily as your herb garden grows, split up the pots to a couple of different areas where you may have space for a couple more. Go up to the explore projects button and explore the gardening section for herbs and you will see many things that others have done, including mounting shelves or hanging pots in the windows for herb pots (explore projects is in the upper mid right on the top of the window). Have fun growing your herb garden, Gay!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 28, 2018

    Inside outside where do you live?