How do I care for my lemon tree?


I have a beautiful potted Calabria Lemon Tree that I have “inherited” from my cousin who “inherited” it from my Uncle when he passed away. My Uncle brought it back from Italy on one of his trips back home to visit relatives when it was very small. When my cousin moved away to another state he was unable to take it with him. At that time it had a softball size and a golfball size lemon on it at the time. Unfortunately, neither one survived the truck ride to our house. Even the largest one did not ripen on the window sill. The tree is very large. It is about 5.5foot tall. It is still producing dozens of buds and tiny lemons. None of them get any bigger than a peanut before they fall off. It has also been dropping leaves every day since I got it about 6-7 months ago. It had always produced plenty of beautiful, giant, very sweet and fragrant fruit. Please help me to learn to properly care for this wonderful family heirloom so that it continues to grow and produce the amazing fruit that it has in the past. Thank you for your time!

Kelly J

q how do i care for my lemon tree

These are the tiny little lemons that it continues to produce even though the leaves are dropping very rapidly.

q how do i care for my lemon tree

In this picture I have clearly over-watered it but I have not always done that. Sometimes I wasn’t sure I had watered it enough.

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