How can we get rid of weeds without harming the flowers in our yard?


The previous owner planted tulip & daffodil bulbs throughout the yard in random circles. They are lovely, but we need to “weed & feed” the lawn. What can we use that will not damage the flowers?

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Aug 11, 2019

    It will be a 50/50 chance for any weed and feed product. Just try to stay away from bulbs best you can.

  • J J on Aug 11, 2019

    Spray the bulb circles with water before and after spraying the yard. That should minimize the damage to bulbs.

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Aug 11, 2019

    I don't believe this will work as there is a good chance a weed/feed will harm your bulbs.

    Hope this Helps! Jeremy -

  • Rozmund Rozmund on Aug 15, 2019
    1. Don't let the weeds go to seed..2. Don't dig them out only encourages the roots to travel away from the area of "attack"..your spade..instead..on a hot sunny day..make a solution of salt and water..really a squirt bottle, and squirt the main stem of each weed..make sure no rain is forecasted ... in 2 days these weeds will begin to shrivel down to nothing..this will take a while..but then every time you go out into the garden for a coffee also take your salt solution with you..before you know it, they will simply be not water the soil..just the greenery...the sun must shine..and you will shine in a job well done..

  • Deb K Deb K on May 10, 2020

    Hello Csdurkin1, you will need to selective pull and poison the weeds and try not to kill your flowers and plants. Hope this helps you out