What are the best vegetables to grow in a huge flower pot?


Can i grow cucumbers or strawberries, even tho strawberries are not veggies. What about asparagus??

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  • Alice Alice on Feb 06, 2019

    I've done cherry tomatoes.

    • Ginny Ginny on Feb 07, 2019

      Oh, ive acually grown the larger tomatoes in a pot! 🙂

  • HERE IS A POST I wrote about a very clever planter my parents made. They were quite successful growing strawberries and lettuce in them!

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Feb 06, 2019

    tomatoes, cukes with room to run or substantial trellis; green peppers/hot peppers; egg plant, strawberry if you arrange for their offshoots ( new plants on runners from the 'parent' plant ); be sure pot has sufficient drainage and can get at least 6-8 hours direct sun from morning to mid afternoon. Many veggies ( especially tomatoes ) will stop producing if they get too hot ..

    in the fall depending on your zone, use the pot for leafy greens -- chard, romaine, leaf lettuce, spinach, etc. that will be 'done' by the time you want to put out tomatoes or other plants;

    if it's a REALLY really big pot, you can also plant colorful annuals around the edges... marigolds, petunia, etc. that love the sun too.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 06, 2019

    I have successfully grown quite a few pots of vegetables. I use one tomato plant per 24 inch pots, even the patio tomatoes grew to over 5 foot high! I use six to seven leaf lettuce plants per 24 inch pot (If you keep them from having afternoon strong sun, they will not bolt as early, I had one last until late September before it bolted). I have put two to three pepper plants in a 24 inch pot and one per pot for twelve inch pots. I use ten to twelve inch pots for herbs and get huge plants. I get my pots from Home Depot, there standard plastic pots are really pretty cheap, I just remove the bottom pan and drill the drain holes so that they drain real well. Pots are filled with good potting soil and a little extra peat moss. I use the extended release tomato/vegetable fertilizer. For tomatoes, you will need a calcium supplement for when the tomatoes start loosing their green color. The calcium is washed out quickly with watering and they can get blossom end rot when they start to color. I use a spray that you put on the leaves and it absorbs really quickly to keep it away. If you should start getting blossom end rot, it will prevent the unaffected tomatoes from getting it, but will not stop it with the ones already affected. Asparagus, I don't know if you could get that many plants in one pot and they will not come back the next year if it gets very cold during the winter, they will freeze. Strawberries, I use left over hanging pots and put them on a shepherds hook because the critters will eat them otherwise in my yard. Greens will do well in a large pot and extend their time from spring into more of the summer if they only have morning a really late afternoon to evening sun. Also, potted plants need to be watered more frequently in the heat of the summer than those planted in the ground. I sometimes have to water mine two times a day when it is really hot out, one summer when we had an extended high heat wave and no rain, I ended up watering my tomatoes three times a day or they started wilting. I hope this helps you, Ginny! Growing things in pots isn't any more challenging that in the ground, plus no weeds! I also put any pot over twelve inches on castored platforms that my hubby made for me out of plywood and good metal castors. I purchased a couple of the ones with plastic castors and they broke with only a quarter of the maximum weight on them the first time they were moved.