Why are my tomato leaves curling up on the bottom of the plants?

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  • Rpm10931027 Rpm10931027 on Jul 13, 2018
    I was told that by removing lower leaves, more energy goes to producing fruit. Thus bigger tomatoes.

    • Peg Birchfield Peg Birchfield on Jul 13, 2018

      I removed lower leaves, about three up when I planted them. Are they lacking some kind of a fertilizer??

  • DD DD on Jul 13, 2018

    Hi Peg this answer I took form along explanation of a host of plants problems so I just copied what I thought might apply to your situation.

    "leaf roll is a sign of stress and the most common cause is too much water.

    Even though the soil surface looks dry, clay soil generally does not drain well, and can even act like a tub if you have amended a hole for planting. Have you checked soil moisture 3-5" below the surface?

    GardenWebber sprouts_honor (Jennifer from Cleveland) had a wonderful suggestion on how to tell whether or not you need to water your tomatoes, and I quote here: "Get a wooden dowel rod (or two) and sink it in the ground near a plant or two and leave it. Pull it out when you think you need to water. If the top is dry and the bottom is a little damp, it's time to water. If it looks dark and feels saturated, wait to water. I use this technique with potted plants that don't like being over watered and it's helpful with in ground plants too.""