Curbside Salvage

6 Materials
6 Hours
Abbey from Painted Home Goods used her incredible DIY skills to bring this curbside find back to life using Liquorice and Hemp Oil!
I will never regret running out in answer to an online ad after a long day at the zoo and shoving this antique desk in the back of my already pretty full minivan. At first glance there wasn’t much wrong it except for a beat up top and missing handles. When we discovered the rotten, disintegrated feet I had to take a step back and come up with a game plan.
After giving the desk a very thorough cleaning and sanding the top smooth, I coated a couple of the good feet in cooking spray then covered them with a very thick layer of glue from my hot glue gun to make a mold. Once dry I peeled the hunks of glue off and built new feet using wood putty shaped with the molds. It wasn’t quite a perfect fix but once sanded and painted you’d almost never know!
With the desk now level I could get to painting. I decided to go with black on the base for a classic look (plus dark colors help hide imperfections like rebuilt feet). Country Chic Paint’s Liquorice is a bit more of a charcoal color than the rich black I was going for, even after two coats. I sealed with Country Chic’s Hemp Oil and the paint color became dark and rich just like I’d wanted.
Instead of staining the top and losing all the antique charm of the old wood grain, I hydrated with a couple coats of Hemp Oil and love how gorgeous it turned out. After some distressing, new white ceramic crackle knobs, and vintage bicycle paper drawer liners, this beauty is ready to find a new home. Let this be a lesson to anyone ready to toss something to the curb: putting in a little creative sweat equity can pay off big time!
Suggested materials:
  • Hemp Oil   (Country Chic Paint)
  • All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Hot glue gun
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