Has anyone used the paintable wallpaper? If so, pros, cons? Thanks :)

Angela M
by Angela M
We are renovating a 1979 brick home ( will put some pics up in a bit ) mostly cosmetic such as paint, fixtures, flooring, etc. Our small hallway, after taking down several layers of wallpaper which were glued with ferocity :) to the sheetrock , is needless to say not in pristine condition now. Not sure which direction we will go, just trying to get opinions on various options. Thanks so very much!!!
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  • Marianne Radley Marianne Radley on Sep 15, 2012
    I worked at a wallpaper store for over10yrs. We carried it and I did use it in a demo/display. I have to say I didn't like it. It was hard to get an even coat of paint on it and looked a bit streaked when dry. We used to recommend to customers in your situation to consider using wallpaper liner followed by 2 coats of Kilz and then paint. The liner covers small sings and once you do those steps it can remain on the wall through several paintings giving you years of decorating changes. Consult a reputable dealer or paper hanger if you decide to try it. Typically you would hang liners horizontally not up and down. Hope this helps.
  • Angela M Angela M on Sep 15, 2012
    Thank you so much, this helps me tremendously! I think the liner will be something that would work perfect in this space, have a great night!
  • Jan P Jan P on Sep 15, 2012
    My sister used that product years ago - it worked fine for her and looked pretty good too,
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 16, 2012
    We found that after the 4th removal of wallpaper in 40+ years in a half bath, the wallboard was a mess. I refused to have it removed and have to go through all that sanding dust to clean up. We came up with the solution of putting up texture paint and beadboard! Love it! This look would be great in a hallway.
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  • Angela M Angela M on Sep 16, 2012
    Ya'll are awesome!! I'm always grateful that people take the time to reply to my questions and provide valuable info, it means a lot, thank you!! I love the pics!
  • There are paintable textured wallpapers that may work for you. (I've seen them at Lowes and online) Unless you are skilled at creating your own texture, this is an option that will give you a more even and predictable result. When ever you are putting paper over paper, you run the risk of one of the layers of adhesion being compromised and failing. But here are some tips: 1) cover the wall with an oil base primer. 2) hang the paper using NON-strippable adhesive. 3) when dry, do a layer of oil base primer. This will seal the seams and prevent latex paint from seeping underneath. 4) Now you can use any kind of latex paint to make it the color you want. You can even use glazing products over it to bring out the depth of the pattern. Good luck. . . it will be a labor of love.
  • Barb C Barb C on Sep 16, 2012
    I've also seen the textured wallpaper put on very old flat panel closet doors and painted the same as the rest of the room - held up perfectly with a renter in the house, and look great! I would just make sure you use the right glue and seal the seams well.
  • Angela M Angela M on Sep 16, 2012
    Thank you on the directions, etc I love getting the tips from others, it helps so very much!!!! Didn't think about the "glazing" or the doors for a renter...great ideas :)
  • Warren G. Warren G. on Sep 16, 2012
    I have used texture wallpaper in Germany when I was stationed there in the late 70's and it consisted of two layers of thin paper with chips of fine wood in between. It worked very well. I have not been able to find the same product here in the U.S., But have tried some that is available. The big problem ( with the state side brands) is that you have to get a good match at the seems. If not it will be noticeable unless you plan on using texture paint and roller on top of textured wallpaper. And by doing that much texture you will end up with a popcorn ceiling look to your walls. It is best to take your time , Use the textured wallpaper and regular roller and good quality primer and paint. remember, textured wallpaper is pores like drywall and has to be primed first.
  • Angela M Angela M on Sep 16, 2012
    Thank you Warren!
  • Project Style, LLC Project Style, LLC on Sep 17, 2012
    We have used the textured wallpapers (Anaglypta) in several projects, including on a bedroom ceiling. We found that caulking the seams helps the finished product to look more smooth, and a nappy roller helps when painting it. It does require a little extra work painting along the edges to get the paint in all the low places.
  • Angela M Angela M on Sep 18, 2012
    Thanks so very much!
  • Kathrine Anderson Kathrine Anderson on Jul 21, 2015
    I have used it a couple of times in different homes and loved it. I have used both the paper and pre-pasted vinyl. Both were beautiful. The pre-pasted type was easier to work with but the paper Anaglypta wasn't super hard, just took a little more time. I used the vinyl type to create a back splash in a kitchen. It held up great. Good stuff. Covers up lots of rough spots. If you wanted to make your wall completely smooth you might first paper with a smooth covering and then use the textured wall paper over that. Good luck!