What changes can I make to my house that buyers would love?


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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 27, 2018

    Lana Hi,. What is your budget ? Do you want to do inside and outside ? We need more specific information to help. Selling the house, make your kitchen inviting. Keep just a minimum amount of things out on the counter. You want to emphasize the kitchen. Clean the stove, refrig, dishwasher, micro, and toaster oven. If your selling your major appliances,especially the frig make sure it's clean. Think what would be important to you, and make it stand out. Aloha!

  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Aug 27, 2018

    i was reading an article about this and i looked and looked and cannot find it, but i remember a couple of basics, these are tips from realators, clean and clean, buyers will look at everything your tub and toilet, declutter counters and coffee tables dressers and remove family pictures buyers want to imagine them living there, pets should be removed from the home, try to bake some cookies to make the house smell good, and put them out on a nice plate make sure yard is mowed and flowers and bushes trimmed, real estate agents said these chores go a long way to make your home shine, hope this helps xx oh and one more thing, make sure all needed repairs are done.

  • Lana Carlson Lana Carlson on Aug 27, 2018

    Hello Chris aka Monkey

    I appreciate your response. Those are very good tip s that you suggested. As we are planning to put this home on the market, it has lots of room, plenty of space to entertain and a lovely back yard that is a joy for entertaining guest. I am thinking about the wow factor, and depending on the project it may be worth the extra money to sell this home. It is located in a middle class, small town area. downtown and schools in close proximity. The country feel of neighborhood. This house has been a blessing in our life and people always feel relaxed and happy here. We are moving because it is time to find a buyer who will love and treasure all this house has to offer. When someone walks in I want them to say wow, this is amazing. The kitchen, breakfast room , windows have been mostly replaced. House has been painted inside and out, Maybe another coat to refresh the color it has been over a year since it has been painted . Electrical has been updated, new appliance, counter etc. You get the point we did our homework, but I am looking for something extra that may be unexpected but the person buying it will be drawn to this house and once they buy it will find that it is the perfect house, in the perfect town, and will be the home of their dreams.

  • Linda Biere Linda Biere on Aug 27, 2018

    Fresh flowers on the counter with the cookies, bottled water in an ice bucket. Remove personal/family photos, knick-knacks, fridge magnets, etc. Buyers will look in closets, pantries, cabinets. Turn on all lights. Open all blinds, shades, etc. Buyers don't see new electrical or new windows (it's up to the realtor to emphasize these), but they will see the things that are right in front of them. Things that you remove can be packed away for the move, which will save time. Good luck!

    • Lana Carlson Lana Carlson on Aug 27, 2018

      Here is a question for all of you. What makes you stop and say this is the home for me? It used to be a bar, wine colors, open concept, Islands, but there has to be something that stops a person right in their tracks and says this is the one home for me. Thank you for all that have replied so far.

      I have done the conventional, modernized, replaced any outdated things in the house We put in solar fans, solar lighting. too. We have a lot to offer a home buyer, but I would like them to become so enamored that they will see the real gem this house is, and will be a haven for all that crosses its threshold. We even replaced the concrete driveway. So I think we covered most of the details, but their has to be a new trend of wants, and that is my next step.

  • Kc Kc on Aug 27, 2018

    This is a question you should ask your realtor. They will know what buyers in your area and neighborhood want.

    About three years ago, we were very concerned when we put our home on the market a couple of weeks after our across-the--street-neighbor listed his. His home was 12 years newer and 200 sq ft larger. Our realtor priced ours the same as his and told us not to worry because we had the kind of home people in the area wanted. She was right. The first open house we received multiple offers. His stayed on the market for several months longer.