Modular home walls makeover

Our modular home has vinyl wall panels with lathes covering the 1/4" gaps between. I was wanting to cover these gaps and make these walls look somewhat seamless. Removing these panels is not an option due to the construction limitations.
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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Aug 14, 2015
    Could you glue or use 2-sided tape on some light wood trim? Or maybe you could faux finish them to look like wood trim?

  • Lori Lori on Aug 14, 2015
    The only way I can think of is remove the lathes, use plaster or spakling to fill in the seams, sand smooth and paint or paper the walls.

  • Nan1549267 Nan1549267 on Aug 15, 2015
    I have the same problem. Want to redo batroom. Can you just paint over the vinyl walls? Thanks

  • Sandra Dyer Sandra Dyer on Aug 15, 2015
    we took ours down.use paintable calking fill gap.sand smooth paint.u can allso use dry wall compound.sand in paint.ours came out great looks like sheetroc. now.would post picture but its our weekend get away n not there.but its a easy fix..i hated the strips allso.

  • Judy Judy on Aug 15, 2015
    We use to have mobile home that had the same type of problem. My husband removed the lathes, he applied a tape that is used between dry wall panels - no clue what it's called - it looks like some sort of mesh. On top of that he applied some plaster (think the dry wall kind) waited 24 hours for it to dry well, sanded, vacuumed, and applied a good primer to everything, then we painted. Walls looked seamless. Lot of work but worth it! Note primer we used was a mold killer - just a preventive measure because of the type of construction.

    • Rus1058682 Rus1058682 on Aug 15, 2015
      @Judy it is called drywall tape, and joint compound. Sand smooth and paint over it.. :-)

  • Linda Lemiere-Zile Linda Lemiere-Zile on Aug 15, 2015
    We did paintable caulking on ours long time ago and painted the room and looked so much better. I have also seen people paint the wood pieces as well just like the whole wall and it looked good. Less noticeable.

  • Sally Stokes Sally Stokes on Aug 15, 2015