DIY Kitchen Backsplash

Beth Perret
by Beth Perret
My old outdated kitchen.
I really wanted a unique, copper backsplash but that wasn't in the budget. I decided to create my own using foam board, foam paper, heavy duty aluminum foil, modge podge, hammered copper spray paint, pewter glaze and semi-gloss polyurethane.
Cut foam board to size, duct tape joints, glue shapes cut out of foam paper to board, crinkle aluminum foil and smooth out (about a foot longer than board), spread modge podge over everything a section at a time and stick aluminum foil down pressing around shapes, rolling pin over surface to smooth, paint, spread glaze on wipe of till desired effect, polyurethane, use double sided mounting tape to stick to wall.
Painted cabinets, new hardware and backsplash
I love the artistic, uniqueness of my new kitchen!
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  • Weisdebra Weisdebra on Sep 22, 2021

    I would love to copy your project. Maybe give it some of my own personalized look. But, doing a project like this I would need step by step instructions with pictures. Is it possible you are going to do that. Cause I’d really like to do this. Maybe even creat my own wall paper using your idea.

  • could you give a step by step instructions, more clear, as I would like try this. What is the brand and color of paint you used., and also what is foam paper. I know what foam board is, but is foam paper just poster board from dollar store?

  • LT LT on Dec 02, 2022

    I love your backsplash. I am wondering how it is holding up? A backsplash gets a lot of washing so that is a concern to me.

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