Fast and Easy Kitchen Backsplash for Apartments

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Being an apartment dweller, there are some limits to what one can do to bring color onto the walls. I happen to detest white walls. I experimented with ideas and came up with a quick and easy project. It doesn't leave large detectable holes in the wall and can be done quite cheaply. Most of the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store; however, I enjoyed shopping online for just the right tablecloth background. It is accomplished by simply picking up poster board, fitting it to the wall you want to cover, then gluing the tablecloth onto the poster board and tacking it onto the wall.
I used a cheap unlined tablecloth and it has held up over two years now. I do a light spritz with cleanser and gently wipe to clean and it has held up with no problem.
I found vintage valentine cards online and painted them. If you are not artistic, then you can copy the image and using a basic photo program, turned it black and white, then worked with the contrast and brightness to make it as light as possible while still being able to see the lines, and then color it. You can print it out on white card stock to make it more durable.
I gathered my supplies. I used full size poster board (card stock was used in photo for ease in photography). The glue you need to use Permanent glue in order for it to last and to be the most adhesive. Scissors to cut and tacks to tack onto the wall. I used permanent marker to color the tops of the tacks so they are virtually invisible once on the wall.
Glue tablecloth onto posterboard
After I measured the poster board(s) to the space that I wanted to cover (I did 4 different sections). To 'glue' sections together I left a bit of tablecloth and glued the tablecloth only to the top of the other poster board so there isn't an obvious lump. The light weight tablecloth glued onto itself is seamless once design in lined up.
Created cupboard door posters
Vintage Valentine cards make me happy. I did a google search for them. Then I copied the images. In your photo program it is easy to turn the images into black and white. Simply remove the color by doing zero saturation, then work with contrast and brightness until you can get it as light as possible while still showing the lines. Insert the image onto card stock and color. I'm showing sharpee's but the colors will be more vibrant with craft paint.
$12.00 apartment kitchen backsplash
This is the final product. I've had it up for two years and I am as delighted with it now as I was the day I put it up. It has lasted quite well. It is tacked only in the corners . It's a fun and colorful kitchen. I don't like cooking, so having a cheerful kitchen makes the chore more tolerable. Oh, and for $12.00 what a great way to bring some FUN into your life!
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Tablecloth`   (
  • Poster Board   (Dollar Store)
  • Tacks   (Walmart)
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