Revisiting the Kitchen Counter Redo

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Several months ago I posted our counter redo. We took down an old laminate bar and counter and replaced it with flooring tile. There were some nice comments, but also a lot of nay-sayers. "It won't last", "you can't keep it clean", etc. Just wanted to update you.
This is the counter now. It is made of ceramic flooring that looks like wood and a mix of natural stone. We had some stone from another project and our backslash is stone. You can't really see all the cool colors but there are little splashes of red, blue, and gray in the stones. They reflect the backsplash.
Nothing, I mean NOTHING, stains this tile. We knew it was tough... it is made for floors, after all. Just to be sure we did seal it witha water proofer. I dont remember the name but it was sold at Lowes. We have had party after party with food and drinks all over it. The grandkids eat here. It is impervious to anything.
We got cool gray saddle stools at Badcock. They are so comfy. Now that we have lived with this counter,it is time to do the other half of the kitchen. You can see it in the back. Yucky brown laminate.
For those who did not like our little stone "island" (behind the rooster) I will say that it has been super useful for hot foods and drinks. By the way, my college mascot was a gamecock (Jacksonville State University) so I have a few roosters around. Found this blue one at a local consignment store.
Suggested materials:
  • Ceramic flooring from Lowes. Stone tile. Water sealer, grout.   (Lowes. Lots of it was left over from another project.)
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