Table Upcycled Into This Great Shower Stool

1 Material
3 Days
I had this small wood table in fair condition, but needed a few repairs and wood filler. I added a wood piece underneath the table to beef up the support enough to sit on the new stool. I used tiles left from the builder which were used in the shower design as the accent tiles.
1. Wood filler was used wherever needed to smooth out the wood.

2. I bought exterior white paint at Home depot, which 2 coats were applied.

No paint was added to the top of the stool.

3. Once the paint was dry, tiles were applied using tile adhesive.

4. Once tiles were dry and set, grout was applied.

5. I let that sit and dry for 10-15 minutes.

6. Then I wiped away the excess with a wet sponge.

7. Do this several times to remove any film left.

8. Next I applied a permanent clear water seal since the stool would live in the


9. I cut a piece of wood to size, painted it, screwed it into place, then applied

caulk to seal the screws.

Side note the sealer while clear, ended up turning an uneven yellow over my nicely painted white stool. The manufacture did refund my money for the sealer. So I again painted the exterior white paint over the stool.
A few tiles needed to be cut to fit. I used my dremel to do this step. Each layer was given one day to dry and cure well. Three hours spread over three days to complete.
Suggested materials:
  • Stool, paint, tiles, adhesive, grout, screws, drill, saw, claulk, sealer
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