Rope Light Chandelier

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Lots of options for these rope lights. I liked using a lighter rope on this one. Although natural ropes look great too.

I purchased my rope on Amazon. Mine is a 100% cotton 1” by 48 feet. They have all sorts of them so pick your favorite. I also purchased gorilla tape. This is a great addition to holding the rope together for no unraveling. Make sure you have strong scissors to cut the rope. I used my pampered chef ones.

Also, don’t forget the bulbs for your light fixtures.

My sweet little chandeliers are going into my new home. We are currently in the process of building. I made sure it had a plug in cord. What ever light you choose make sure it has a cord.

This type of rope has lots of strings so the gorilla tape will hold it into place and look fashionable.

Go close to the light fixture on the cord and take your rope as fit the rope around it. Use the tape to secure it. I did this on the outside. I did not fluff the access…yet.

Now you take the road and start twisting it around the cord in order to hide the cord. Remember to start from the base of the light fixture.

Note: I took my rope and measured it with the rope prior to get an idea of how much it needed and had it unwinded to make it easier to work with.

When you get to the light switch make sure you leave access to it. I did this even though I use remote control plugs and handheld remote to operate these lights. You can also use Alexa plug ins to tell it to turn on and off. This is good if you use smart products in your home.

This is what it looks like once I’ve added the cord to the rope. I finished it off by the plug with some gorilla tape. This stops fraying and finishes it off.

Here it is lit and just draped. I will be using a bracket to hang these on both sides of our King bed. It will be our night lights.

Remember to fluff the fray by the light fixture on the cord. It gives a finished look.

Add your light bulbs.

My up close of my chandelier rope light. I am looking forward to seeing them in our master bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed my little project and you to can make a neat rope light.

IG: Dreamoakdecor

Ask me any questions.

My totals below are for two lights.

Suggested materials:

  • Chandelier   (Amazon)
  • Rope   (Amazon)
  • Gorilla glue tape   (Amazon)
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 26, 2021

    If you find that the black tape is too obtrusive, I would suggest covering it with an piece of ribbon the same color as the rope. Doing this would further draw the eye towards the pretty crystals on the fixture. A small length of ribbon can be purchased inexpensively from any fabric store that sells ribbon cuts off the roll.

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    • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 27, 2021

      Yes, a thin rope would work also to hide the black tape. I was thinking about a flatter ribbon/trim as it would be easier to tuck in the raw cut edge and glue it under, to prevent fraying.