How can I optimize this small space to make appear larger??

Need sitting area and dining area. White door near refrigerator is being removed and opens to den. PLEASE HELP
q how can i optimize this small space to make appear larger, home decor, kitchen design, living room ideas
q how can i optimize this small space to make appear larger, home decor, kitchen design, living room ideas
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  • Lauren Hodle Lauren Hodle on May 02, 2014
    Obviously, you want to put a small table and some chairs by the stack bar. Maybe get one of those cute kitchen tables with a corner bench to put in the corner to leave room for the bar stool. And on the opposite side of the room. Also try a sectional. With a chair. You can use the sectionsl as a room divider or place in the opposite side of the room. However, U didn't post a pic of the other side of the room. So I don't know if there are other doors or windows. This space is very easy to make work! Good Luck.

  • Lori Carden Lori Carden on May 02, 2014
    Thanks Lauren! Its a odd layout and with NO furniture looks really small. We want to show how great it can be for a new buyer.

  • Moxie Moxie on May 02, 2014
    You can make your corner booth style table out of cabinets (add top and cushions) with some fabulous pillows. Get a table top made to match your counters (or different) and mount on a few pieces of tube steel with top and bottom plates that you can bolt to the floor and screw to the underside of the top. I did this in my kitchen (except I used up cycled church pughs for the benches because I had them) it is super functional and kids don't ruin the floor by moving the table around. (why I bolted mine to the floor) add a few chairs to the open side and you can seat a bunch. I like to use rugs to set off areas and I think the trick to making spaces look bigger is to keep the eye going up or long or wide (whichever way you want to look bigger) and keep a good flow in layout so you are not walking around things. Add some upper cabinets to the ceiling at your wall cabinets and change out the fan over the future table area for an updated light fixture. My thoughts...lovely space and you will enjoy it so much when you have made it yours!

  • Barbara R Barbara R on May 02, 2014
    Wow! Like it's HUGE now! Or am I missing something here!!?

  • Lavende Lavende on May 02, 2014
    If you're looking just to stage it for buyer, you can get creative with the furniture. I've visited a very similar floorplan that was beautifully staged - they used a couple of sofa-like soft chairs at the dining room that made it feel more like a living space than a table, which made the space flow well.

  • Meredith Wouters Meredith Wouters on May 05, 2014
    I know it seems counter-intuitive, but if you use full size furniture in there it will actually make it seem bigger. I'd recommend a round dining table with four chairs, and a sofa and chair sitting area, on an area rug. That will give buyers the idea that their furniture will fit in there too. Good luck!

  • Debbie Sheegog Debbie Sheegog on Jul 19, 2015
    I like the idea of the round table; we did that off our kitchen, despite a counter height bar. Also all hardwoods open as much as possible; and we did a sectional sofa in Italian white leather to die for, waited for that a long long time, but then kept things we had, simplified, kept counter and black stools but oak round table off in the front window area like yours. Good luck, there is some good advice, are you selling it is that why?

  • Debbie Sheegog Debbie Sheegog on Jul 19, 2015
    ps switch out the fans for ones I found without lights, huggers, and they are not more than $100 each; keeps it cleaner looking with lines

  • Yellow Barn Interiors Yellow Barn Interiors on Jul 07, 2016
    Very very light blue painted ceiling with light butter yellow walls for starters, and then a round claw foot pedestal table with upholstered seat wooden chairs and set away from that area a couple of matching upholstered chairs with a small round end table in between them sitting on an area rug with similar colors. Touches of orange, yellow, and aqua in some valances and you could make two throw pillows out of the same kind of valance for the chairs and for the seat covers for the chairs.

  • Yellow Barn Interiors Yellow Barn Interiors on Jul 07, 2016
    Also put the valances on black iron rods.yellowbarninteriors,com

  • Kim Doherty Kim Doherty on Jul 23, 2017
    Why would she want to paint in colors that someone might like to change? Color choices are personal and they are trying to sell the property. Go with white.. Use color in the furniture and accessories to brighten it up. Area rugs to denote each space. Is this a condo? Other people had some good ideas for the "rooms". Good luck and have fun doing it. You can still get creative without doing things someone may want to change. Hey, maybe the buyers will want to keep the furniture!!

  • Denial Denial on Oct 04, 2021

    Here's a great article on organizing a small space -

    From it, I realized that it is important not to clog your walls and keep everything clean. Also use small plants to free up the room and green it up a bit. Use transformer furniture or hidden cabinets to make the space more functional