How do I fix kitchen cabinets (from 1948) on a budget?


Old kitchen wood on the bottom Formica on the top, then I added a larger white cabinet over the stove newer. I don't care what color white would be best. On a real tight budget retired and working part time to get by. Countertop is old but i can deal with it (clean it up). Missing 1 cupboard door. I believe this to be impossible. Small kitchen. Dishwasher in the corner where cabinet was. Do not use it wasted space.

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  • Angela Angela on Nov 07, 2018

    Rethunk Junk they have videos. I was going to do it on mine but my house burnt down before I got a chance. They show lots of videos on how to do it. It’s really awesome and no stripping.

  • Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Just stand back, take a deep breath and take a good look. Time to get creative, I have worked with much older kitchens and they can still look cute with a bit of elbow grease and perhaps a bit of paint. You can buy a door and hardware to replace the missing one. Seek out your Habitat for Humanity Restore as that will be the least expensive. You must visit often as they get new items in every day. It may take time, but it can happen. As to the "wasted space" what is there? Can you describe in more detail? For the countertop, they have several kits that can refresh them. Just do over time as funds permit.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 07, 2018

    Sand the formica & the wood with 120 grit sandpaper get 5 gallon bucket of "Zinsser bullseye 123 all purpose primer " just paint everything it's white,washable,it'll look like enamel and will cover it all if you want to add color later you can always paint over it. ask local hardware store,Lowes or Home Depot if they have paint that has been returned or not picked up.I bought a 5 gallon bucket of really high dollar 120.00 paint for 30.00 at Lowes. Also check your local city Hazmat recycle center or Habitat for Humanity centers for paint people bring them in and you can get them to use. Hazmat centers it's free Habitat for Humanity low cost. Make sure you wear a dust mask while sanding everything. Hang a nice white lace curtain over cabinet missing door using a small cheap tension rod

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Nov 07, 2018

    Nothing is impossible. We are a community and will help figure out a solution. A picture of a cabinet door will help to figure out how to best solve the issue of the missing door.

  • Kathy Kathy on Nov 07, 2018

    nice idea on the paint

  • Ahilly Ahilly on Nov 07, 2018

    Contact paper for the counter top...can also be put on the fronts of the lower cabinets. Could also try using a material print you like and clean n lightly sand the wood, then start with Elmers glue to glue the material onto the wood. Or wall paper if you can find some thats prepasted on sale or thrift store. My grama used a string threaded thru the top hem of a curtain, tied onto a little nail or cup hook on either side to cover the open shelves under her farmhouse sink. Paint is another option, wash the wood, lightly sand, then paint. Lots of options ! ...use the dishwasher for storage of pota n pans, etc ! I sold mine, they came n got it, was glad for the extra money n space ! 😃