Want to remodel my kitchen

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Dec 22, 2017
    Hey Paula, how big of a remodel are you considering? Many times a good new coat of paint and new hardware on older cabinets can make a big difference!

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 22, 2017
    Paula,who doesn't , and we did ours 2 yrs ago. So with that said and not knowing what your question is exactly, my advice is to really really take your time and decide what is important to you. Also when picking out wood be careful, I let my husband pick ours out with the compromise that I would pick out finish. Biggest mistake. I love natural wood grain but hickory is insane. To busy for me and very hard to match counter top when floor is dark. I wanted a light counter and it didn't look right yet I hate our counter so I will be replacing it. So with that said please don't make same mistake. Also, take into account how much space you really need,we are collectors of gadgets for kitchen and due to not picking out shelves that were large enough I have 3 draws taking up this space. In our old home I had a cabinet that was simply draws and they started out not as deep and got bigger they worked great cause all my stuff was in those draws. My biggest thing is that I have to have things be symmetrical. That was why our choices were made the way that they were made. I needed to have all openings line up. Also get the draws all with pull out shelving it cost more but it is soooo worth it. It was important to me that garbage would not be in an open area so I got a cabinet with it and recycling can as well awesome. And no your house will not smell. Don't get that funky corner cabinet that opens and is a pain and everything is just hidden unless you have an electrical outlet for a bulb. Seriously I have to use a flashlight then I have to basically empty it to reach what I want sine that is where all the none daily used items are placed like our potato ricer.little things but frustrating. Get cabinet over fridge to be out not that little useless size that upper cabinets are, it's great for platters and things you don't use daily but can't part with just yet. It may sound strange but I wish I had less counter space and another pantry cabinet I only got one and really needed 2 in a family of 5 four being men. So take your time think about what you like about your kitchen now and where you see flaws. Also if you are young and plan on a family then keep that in mind. Cabinet storage is crucial to me. Have fun.

  • Set a realistic budget (with 10% - 20% contingency fund for unknown problems) and have a plan. Hire a designer if you need help. Hire only a licensed contractor and check their license - and that of say sub contractors. If doing yourself, check out this link.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 22, 2017
    We installed a new kitchen in our home (foreclosure, vandalized, no kitchen left) in 2012... the good thing was we got to start from scratch....
    We shopped lots if places for cabinets, Lowe's, Home Depot, Cabinets to Go, IKEA. (my husband really liked the shopping part... not) IKEA is definitely worth a trip... to check out all the kitchen features, and we were really impressed with how sturdy the cabinets really are.
    IKEA won.... they had a lower cost than the big box stores and they had the features, like the 36 inch wide,deep drawers and pull out features, that Cabinets to Go did not offer......IKEA has a kitchen planning tool... where you can, work online, on their website, and plan your kitchen. I put in all the doors and windows, wall dimensions and saved it as "Marty's kitchen" then when I placed cabinets in different sizes and configurations I would save each new layout as martys kitchen 1, martys kitchen 2, etc. I could print out each new design and compare them side by side. All my lower cabinets feature drawers, primarily 36 in. wide, some 18 in and some 15 in... with the corner pull-outs (U shaped kitchen), the only place I did not put drawers is under the sink and for the trash can. The huge drawers make it really easy to get to stuff, pots, canned goods, small appliances, (no more head in the cabinet looking for stuff in the back. I only have uppers on one side, glass fronts, and the plates and bowls and cups are in drawers too.
    We left the stove, sink, and refrigerator in the same locations to keep it simple.. I was able to save the design on the website... and then I waited for the cabinets to go on sale (20% off).
    We purchased our refrigerator elsewhere, on sale, used the old stove from out other house... and got our apron front, stainless steel sink from Signature Hardware ($499 including shipping) another source to check out.
    If you don't do anything else... use the IKEA planning feature... to design your kitchen... it is a great tool...
    Happy Kitchen planning.... make a plan, keep printouts of all the things you find, do your research, and definitely shop online too... you CAN find things cheaper, even if you need to pay shipping.

  • Barbara Barbara on Dec 23, 2017
    As usual, Naomie is right on. Great advise.