How do I edge the tile around my fireplace hearth?

by Khaki

I am planning to tile my fireplace surround in a few weeks. The surround is arched. I am having trouble figuring out the tiling around the outside (facing out) arch. I’m fairly certain there is some sort of “edging” (non tile) that can be purchased to “outline” the edge of the arch around the firebox and that would cover the edge of the tile, but I can’t figure out exactly what it is from any images I can find online. In fact, it’s difficult to find images of similar situations. The tiles are small, if that figures in. Does anyone one know what the “edging” might be or where to find it?Alternately, does anyone have a suggestion on how to make the edge of the tile that lines up with the edge of the arch look well done?I’m attaching pictures. I tried to photo the sample of the tiles being used, as well as the fireplace brick surround. Thanks so much in advance for any direction!

Whole fireplace brick surround. Facing out edge of arch and sides need an edging.

Bigger image of hearth.

Close up of tile that will be used.

Close up of brick of arch.

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