The Carved Cherry Media Chest

I was asked to design and build a free standing chest on which to place a large television and house various media components and speakers, with practical consideration of the size, proportion and equipment ventilation. As audio/visual technology changes continually, the chest was to be of heirloom quality that would retain its individual character and value long after today's purpose is obsolete. Aesthetically, the design evolved as the chest occupies one of the focal points of an arts and crafts style great room. The home is in the town of Cambria, California. A location that is also home to one of the last stands of Monterey Pine forests on the West Coast.
Planning is essential. Concept sketches to dimensional renderings to working drawings, selections of wood, joinery techniques and finishes must be precalculated. My greatest satisfaction continues to be in the process of developing the idea and sifting through the practical ways of making it. This is certainly true as I developed the doors for the chest. The interlocking and open carving of the tree motif is designed and structured for years of enjoyment.
Heistand Carved Cherry Doors
Heistand Carved Cherry Media Chest
Concept Drawing for the Doors and Side Panels
Heistand Media Chest
Heistand Chest Side Panels
Front Doors Branch Motif Concept Sketch
Heistand Carved Cherry Doors Showing Overlap
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