I am stuck with burgundy carpet. What color do I paint the walls?

I have burgundy carpet and pine wood furniture in the den. Can't afford to update everything but I really need to paint. Any suggestions?
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  • Stacy Cobb Stacy Cobb on Jun 27, 2013
    ugh whats under the carpet? can u post a picture of the burgundy carpet?
  • Kari McCallister Kari McCallister on Jun 27, 2013
    I have no idea what is under it but right now pulling it up is not an option.
  • How about green taupes? Even slate gray with golden hues would work with burgundy! You might be surprised how well it can be a paired even with sheer eggplant paint & neutral accents! See this blog for more tips: http://www.lindaholtinteriors.com/2012/11/burgundy-gets-a-makeover/
  • Sfg178760 Sfg178760 on Jun 28, 2013
    First I suggest a throw rug as a center the room/furniture...to take the eye away from the burgundy carpet! I have put a rug on carpet This way you can go any color...just pretending the carpet is like a wood floor....but I would not go too crazy. Or get a carpet with a bit of burgundy in it...but with other colors you may like....like orange, grey or even a turquoise! Good luck would love to see before and after photos! Okay...not sure if I answered your question....but I have a question...are you talking about painting the furniture or the walls? I think if you do not get a throw rug and just paint the walls...use the same concept. Pick a color you like and then get accents around the room that bring both the wall color and the carpet color into them like throw pillows and nic-nacs! Still good luck! Just one more thing...to REALLY answer your question. I like the grey idea...and grey is very in right now...and even a taupe but do not go to dark with it as the carpet is dark already. Now...I am done! o)
  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Jun 28, 2013
    I loved my burgundy carpet in an old Victorian I had. I had light celery green walls and threw in some purple pieces with my slightly darker green couches. Found perfect green sheer material that had a faint big purple flower and made floor to top of window curtains showing the wood frame. Accented with gold.
  • A golden yellow color goes great !
  • Holly Crum Holly Crum on Jan 27, 2018

    Blur in u

  • Holly Crum Holly Crum on Jan 27, 2018

    Blue in u

  • Barb Barb on Jan 27, 2018

    I personally would go Asian style with an oriental rug with red black and burgundy in it and place it under the coffee table and paint the walls a light yellow color this will be your starting color building theme then add throw pillows and candle stick holder etc in accordating colors.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Sep 13, 2021

    Hi, Stone colour, would be my choice.

  • Deb K Deb K on Sep 13, 2021

    Hi Kari, hunter green, navy , violet, gold and grey go well with burgundy. I would also suggest that you pick up an area rug to throw down over the carpet, that will help lighten the floor a bit


  • Mary Hinshaw Mary Hinshaw on Sep 15, 2021

    Paint a light yellow or pale blue