How to organize garage with minimal damage to walls, etc?

We've just redone our garage and kitchen and are using old kitchen cabinets in the newly painted garage. But, where to put those awkward sized necessities without putting holes all in the wall. Broom, rakes, ladder, folding chairs??
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  • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on Jun 21, 2017
    Why not build a freestanding cube about 30" high with a space for the ladder, another for the folding chairs, and yet another for garden tools, etc. In the space for garden tools, buy heavy cardboard tubes and strap or glue several together, to put broom handles, rake handles, etc.

  • Staci Staci on Jun 21, 2017
    There are garage organizers that go up with minimal screws that hold rakes, brooms, etc. Check at Lowes or Home depot for Rubbermais systems.

  • Laurie Young Laurie Young on Jun 21, 2017
    I got these at Home Depot. You just screw into studs and put the black cover on. They have all different types of hooks available too!

  • Lesleykeener Lesleykeener on Jun 21, 2017
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  • Lesleykeener Lesleykeener on Jun 21, 2017
    Love this! Thanks!