Asked on Jun 18, 2018

I want to use unwanted milkcrates to create a storage space in garage.

by Ida
My budget is very limited, using things that are available. Just trying to organize my garage. Thanks

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  • Donna Donna on Jun 18, 2018

    use cable ties to hook them together. you can stack them vertical or horizontal. if you want to put them on the wall , you can use hooks to screw in the wall and hang the crates. Easy Peary!

    • Ida Ida on Jun 18, 2018

      Thank you for the input. This is something I have wanted to do and you instructions made my confidence level rise. Thank you for your help.

  • Donna Donna on Jun 18, 2018

    Easy Peary!

  • Donna Donna on Jun 18, 2018

    Easy Peazy

  • Happy Days Hometalker Happy Days Hometalker on Jun 18, 2018

    First get rid of all that you don't use, keep only what you need, so you have room to park your vehicles in the garage. Use sturdy boxes, you get free at Costco, diaper boxes, many liquor stores will give away boxes, if you want to get fancy, paint them to match, late summer stores like Target or Walmart discount the plastic storage bins with lids, watch for Home Depot to have a sale on metal storage racks, or look for used ones, even a baker's rack would work , you don't have to do all at once, as the boxes are found, utilize them.

    • Ida Ida on Jun 18, 2018

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      I prefer the milk crates to boxes. however I will keep boxes as a alternative backup. thank you again.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 18, 2018

    Hard to find milkcrate giveways anymore, but if you can get them, I've stacked them using zip ties to hold them together, and fasten to the wall as you would a bookcase with an earthquake fastner to prevent tip over. Put the heaviest stuff on the bottom.

  • Joy Elizabeth Joy Elizabeth on Jun 18, 2018

    Cable ties are a great idea! I love the idea of DIY garage shelving with milk crates. They would be easy to anchor to the wall too with the hooks so the shelving unit you build doesn't accidentally fall over.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 18, 2018

    You could connect the crates with zipties.

  • Ida Ida on Jun 18, 2018

    What is an earthquake fastener?

  • Ida Ida on Jun 19, 2018

    Great ideas, thanks again.

  • Janice Janice on Oct 01, 2023

    Zip ties work so well to fasten the crates together in a few strategic places. Tighten the zip ties well, then cut off the excess for a clean look. If you need to separate later, just use a razer blade or box cutter to cut them apart.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 10, 2023

    Can't see how you could store anything larger than a milk bottle in the crates, but if they suit your purpose hey hoe!

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 03, 2024

    Hi Ida: That's what I have. I stand some on their edges to stack things in like paint cans, and others on their bottoms for things that roll around. They are very useful and stack nicely.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 05, 2024

    Hello Ida, hope this helps you. You can do this easily by using zip ties to stick them all together and prevent tip overs. Or build racks that will fit the crates.

  • This is a terrific idea! You can stack them or attach them to the wall in a stack or create a nifty pattern on the wall with them. Just make sure you use strong wall anchors or go for the studs when hanging them up.