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Hanging pots and pans in kitchen

Tammy Nichols
by Tammy Nichols
I have a small kitchen and I don't have open space but I would love to hang my pots and pans near my stove. What can I do?
q hanging pots and pans in kitchen
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 28, 2017

  • Clara Clara on Dec 28, 2017
    hang a link chain from the ceiling with good size holes in the chain. buy stainless steel S hooks and hang the hooks on the chain. Hang your pots and pans on the other end of the S hook. Make sure the chain is attached to a wood beam in the ceiling, and not attached to just sheet rock, or else it will just not hold the weight, and will become loose and fall. I hope this helps.

    • Pam Young Pam Young on Dec 31, 2017
      i put a log board on my wall with decorative hooks after painting the board to match the kitchen, hangs great!

  • I have similar issues and opted for hanging pots from the sides of the upper cabinets that were next to the sink. I had older solid wood cabinets that hold a nail well. They are not close to the stove and that keeps the pots cleaner than they would be near the stove and after washing and drying the pots get hung up. I do not hang cast iron pots like this because they are too heavy (I store those inside the oven.)

  • MBG MBG on Dec 29, 2017
    I hung pots beneath the cabinets close to the stove. (This picture is kitchen remodel in progress).

  • Nancy Gallin Nancy Gallin on Dec 30, 2017
    Clean everything from the back and top of stove. Hang a heavy duty curtain rod or pole from one cabinet to the other over stove. Use hooks to hang pots or pans from rod or pole. Easy reach while at stove . Easy to see

  • Tammy, We just moved into another house and I am still unpacking; the pots are still stacked up on the butcher block cart. That said, only hang pots on strong, solid wood cabinets. Many newer cabinets are not strong enough to carry the weight of pots. Nails will fall out of particle board and pots will crash onto the surface below. Hang the pots you use the most in positions where they are easy to grab. Just hold them up to the cabinet side to see what works best for you taking into consideration the length of the hook or hole in the pot handle. I fill in the surounding gaps between the pots with utensels putting the frequently used items in easiest reach and the seldom used items at the top. It helps to have someone else working with you when deciding how to hang the pots so that they hold the pot while you mark the spot to nail in the pot. I even hang my colander over a smaller pot because it is light and the nail is long enough to hold both items. I put the nail in at a slight angle so that the pot will fall against the side of the cabinet rather than sliding off the tip of the nail. Have all the pots hung up before you start adding palaces to hand small kitchen utensils. I will try to post a photo after we hang our pots. If you hang your pots and then want to move them somewhere else, fill in the tiny hole with wood putty, sand and then touch up with paint. If you do not have touch up paint and have painted cabinets, take down a cabinet door and have the paint department match the color to the door. When we moved out of Garner, NC I just left the nails in the cabinets for the buyer to hang their pots on. If you paint the nails before using them, the nails do not show up. After painting the nails insert the nails into a sponge to dry... excess paint drips down the nail and you scrape off the excess wad of paint after the nails are dry. The dry sponge holds up the nails quite well. If you actually prime the nails with a metal primer before putting the cabinet color paint on the nail, your finish coat will last a long time. I have seen people hang kitchen utensils on peg boards and they paint a line around the utensil on the board... helps you to remember exactly where each item is supposed to hang, which is great if you have other family members or guests pitching in with help in the kitchen. We took all the pots on the cabinet side down once and had a hard time figuring out exactly where they were supposed to go when we went to put them back. So if you have a steady hand, outlining where each of pots hang is a good idea.

  • Glory Glory on Dec 31, 2017
    I was in the same position with my kitchen. My son put a strong rack on my wall, screwed it down with some some screws and washers, then added some bigAnd small “S” hooks. Works great for storing pots and pans and even pot holders. He also put a towel rack under a cabinet, more crimped “S” hooks, to hold utensils. I have a pass through, so he put a paper towel rack sideways on the side of a cabine. This way, I can grab paper towel from the kitchen or the dining room. I love the improvements and the space that is freed up. Hope you like the ideas and helps with your space. My friends all like the improvements.

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    • Glory Glory on Jan 12, 2019

      Hi, Deborah-I believe it was a rack he had used in his storage area. It had legs that he used to put it on top of another one. It is good and strong. Tap on the picture and you will see the place where the legs used to go. Hope that helps. 🙂🙏

  • Emily Emily on Dec 31, 2017
    We have a small kitchen with very few cupboards and no built in drawers. I hang some pans on wall across from stove. I hang things over my sink. We also built a small unit to hold small pots and pans over our stove. If we could see pics of your entire kitchen it may be easier to make other suggestion. But I see that you could do what we have done over our stove. Remove the hood, attach another small unit to the bottom of the cabinet in place and then re-hang the hood from bottom of new cabinet. Jennifer may be right though about strength of wood in your cabinets. It worked fine with ours but they are over 100 years old!

  • Tammy Nichols Tammy Nichols on Jan 13, 2019

    Thank you everyone for the great ideas. Sorry it has taken so long to get back. But my husband fixed me a cabinet just for my pots and pans