How can I make more storage in a small kitchen? I would?

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  • Jonna Willadsen Jonna Willadsen on Aug 09, 2018

    I'm finishing my question! Hahaha! I would like somehow to have a pantry, but have no cupboard space or empty walls.

  • We did away with our pantry in our recent kitchen remodel and we are just using our new cabinets for storage. We have a corner cabinet and had a HUGE lazy susan installed and also a 'bread box' type cabinet that is on our countertop. I'm not sure if you have ways to turn a side cabinet into more of a lazy susan or if perhaps you could have a partial pantry in the garage or basement?

    • Jonna Willadsen Jonna Willadsen on Aug 09, 2018

      I have a lazy Susan base cabinet but I have very little cabinet space otherwise and counter space is sparse. I may have to use an area of the basement, but doing that many stairs is not my idea of fun. 😊

  • Lisa Hunt Lisa Hunt on Aug 10, 2018

    Do your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling? If not, there are lots of ideas here and on pinterest for adding storage above them or raising them and adding storage below.

    You say you don't have any empty walls, but if you have any blank wall space at all, you could add a recessed cabinet for canned food storage.

    What about hanging shelves or baskets from the ceiling?

    You may be able to add a shelf level to your lazy Susan cabinet to help. Also, you can use those little racks add a level to one shelf rather than taking up two separate shelves, which would free up more shelf space.

    If you have to use an area of the basement, I would use that to store appliances and dishware you don't use very often and then use cabinet space for pantry food. Also, you could use storage furniture in your living room or dining room.