Asked on Jul 15, 2017

How do I keep my white sugar from clumping up?

by Avis
I live in a humi climate and keep it in a Tupperware. I even but white soda crackers in it. Any other ideas?

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  • Phenonw Phenonw on Jul 15, 2017

    Pour your rice into a slider or zip lock bag & then put dry rice into a cloth bag & put it into the sugar.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 15, 2017

    try rice in a in a cloth sack .

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 15, 2017

    I had this trouble with tang and Kool-Aid. I put the tang in baggies and put them back in the container and haven't had trouble since. For our sugar we put it in one of the storage containers that has the lid with the four edges that snaps shut. It has a gasket that helps keep the moisture out. Here in Minnesota we have high humidity also during the summer along with the heat. Add to that the five aquariums from 75 to 150 gallons and that adds to the humidity. Hopefully this will help you.

  • Keep a marshmellow in with your sugar, this works with both white and brown sugar. I personally like to use the large, campfire size.

  • Avis Avis on Jul 15, 2017

    thank you! I will try these ideas.

  • Gracie Gracie on Jul 16, 2017

    I use Lock & Lock containers and they work great.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Sep 09, 2017

    Make sure you are using containers that are indeed airtight, and that they are perfectly dry before you put the sugar in.

    I have had luck in softening sugar (both white and golden) that has already gone hard and lumpy by putting in a piece of bread in the container for a day or so. When the bread goes hard, pour the sugar into a bowl big enough that you can get your hands into it, and play with the pieces to try to crumble them and break them up. Then put the sugar back into the canister, with a new piece of bread (good use for stale day old bread).

    I know that you said already that you tried crackers, but my guess is that for the size of the canister, and amount of sugar in it, the crackers might not be large enough, or you are not replacing them often enough.