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Clearing countertops is my goal. One small kitchen with many overall plans for an Industrial kitchen theme, painting cabinets and walls. So I decided to organize my kitchen cabinets firstly so it would be easier to paint when time arrives. Cabinet's have weird sizes and a spice wrack does not fit inside cabinet. It's important to note I have NO PANTRY. I need functional but organized. My plan is to display my spices while making a home for utensils (large spoons). By removing spices from cabinet, clears it for other unsightly items that need homes that are currently out for display and it's not pretty. All the wall space I have to use in the backsplash area. What the problem is; because I have many items to hang in this area, not sure how to fit it all in? I would like more organization for these readily accesible items: Spices, Large Utensils (stirring/serving spoons, and atleast three large pickle jars), Magnetic Knife Strip. As the photos I will display are inspirations but I need an all in one idea! (Note: The inspirational photos I do NOT own, they are in my collection folders because I believe these will work in my space. If you need the link to these they can be found on my pinterest )

q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, Decluttering countertops need to remove jars elsewhere
Decluttering countertops need to remove jars elsewhere
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, Spice cabinet organzing idea see my new jars bottom right These I do not wish to place back in cabinet The oils need to leave this area to to cluttered They need homes HELP
Spice cabinet organzing idea see my new jars bottom right? These I do not wish to place back in cabinet. The oils need to leave this area to, to cluttered. They need homes HELP!
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, Inspirations I need to somehow combine these for my small wall area backsplash area The spices pictured here I may have to many to display here Any ideas The only functional area left i can think of is
Variety of pics & Inspirations that I thought could work.. somehow? (backsplash area). The spices pictured here I may have to many to display here. Any ideas?
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, You guys asked for more photos of my space happened to have these and hope they work This photo is to the left of my sink
You guys asked for more photos of my space, happened to have these and hope they work. This photo is to the left of my sink.
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, My spice cabinet redo Jars from Dollar tree I want out on display to fee up cabinet Photo to right is oils and more spices on counter
My spice cabinet redo. Jars from Dollar tree I want out on display to fee up cabinet. Photo to right is oils and more spices on counter.
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, Was actually purging and cooking here but alot of you have asked to see more of cabinets
Was actually purging and cooking here....but alot of you have asked to see more of cabinets.
q kitchen organization ideas, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas, Just found online loving it Ace Hardware plans
Just found online loving it. Ace Hardware plans
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 17, 2015
    Like the shelf ideas. I unload a lot of weird, seldom used things to a cabinet and storage bins in the basement - weird spices, baking pans, roasters, extra pasta/sugar/flour, etc. Making a trip downstairs once in awhile is worth it.

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    • Deborah Deborah on Jan 18, 2015
      @Marion Nesbitt Yea there is open space ontop but it has this funky little dip, I need to add some type of board making them flush...and as I read Wax paper, replace wax when it gets dusty. In other words it's not a flat surface and if Im going to climb up there? I need easy access as possible. I do NOT like the idea of placing items on top to be seen...such as crock pots etc. IF I am going to do that, I will place in a decorated box of some sort or basket. Yea once I did try the plastic bin thing the only way I could fit inside deep dark cabinet it took alot to get it inside cabinet. The bottom cabinets has one shelve that makes it even harder to manipulate. Ive tried using hacks of all kinds that Ive seen, the tension rod? Well...hahaha..its really comical as I think about it and how I tried manovouring it around. I am determined though! Im just afraid to keep buying and I have stopped buying cause noting works thus far. I just have a system now, in these cabinets, I don't put anything inside that I cannot see, as it is I have to manipulate items to get out what I need. This being said, most of my pots are on a pot rack, heavier ones like cast iron, pressure cooker are below. The other side cabinetry, same problem (lower) This is where I keep one grill, 2 crock pots, rice cooker and when not in use tea pictures (2). Thats about it. I have no door that I could place an pocket holder on. The only door/s in my kitchen are bifold (to laundry) and my back door. Cant place on bifold and wont place on back door. if the kitchen isnt already? hahaha

  • Candeelyn Candeelyn on Jan 18, 2015
    It would be helpful to see a pic of your cupboards. Do you have any cupboard space available? You mentioned a long narrow one that is impossible to get to~ You could put some of these jars in a long narrow bin that fits the space that way you can take the whole thing out to get what you need. If you like them out for easy access or don't have the cupboard space putting them in nice baskets/bins will make it organized. Or maybe a lazy susan or some turntable will group things together and it will look neater, or re-purpose a decorative cake plate,There are kitchen utensil holders you can put spoons,etc. in or find a nice decorative vase,pitcher at your local thrift store for them. Anything that will hold them and looks nice can be repurposed for what you need will make it organized. You could also purchase a spice holder, like one that looks like steps and that could sit out and hold your spices neatly. Look around what you have may work. I have a small kitchen also so I understand.

    • Deborah Deborah on Jan 23, 2015
      @Candeelyn That would be great if I only had room in these cabinets to do so. Plus I do like the look of my pickle jars with chalk labels. The cabinet space I need to reserve in whats already in them. The long dark tunnels are hard to manipulate. I have tried placing plastic bins in but the length is not deep enough so doors don't close. If I move them sideways, it gets more complicated, to slide them out when I need them, takes a wrestling match to get them slid. Plus this would mean I have less room for the items already there, they would get pushed back or I would have to move them each time I went after something. Crazy! Sigh~ IM thinking on moving my jars except the ones that I use often, tw0-three. The rest I have a vision on. Moving them to a built shelf or shelves elsewhere in kitchen. This space Im talking about is not prepared for any of that yet...I need to create it but thinking carefully on this because; I have no pantry. I think this built space needs shelving above 2-3 and below some sort of table top that could functions as buffet (because its in dinning area) when needed, on a daily basis this would be coffee area with some sort of hidden storage below. Not sure what thats gonna be as of yet because this same area is between (almost corner) my back door and laundry bi fold doors.Spice holders Ive tried, they don't fit in my cabinets and are to cluttered, Ive purged and noticed that I had duplicates because things would just get pushed back and not seen. I am more or less looking for ways to organize several things-as you know when something doesnt work you move it or reassemble. These things are not working, the basic things you see on internet.

  • Judi Judi on Jan 18, 2015
    Lowes carries a magnetic tool strip that I use for knives. Also, you could hang a rack of some kind from your ceiling for Pots, pans and hanging utensils,

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    • Judi Judi on Jan 18, 2015
      @Deborah I can't answer the shelving question but on the magnet situation. My concern would be if the magnetic strip from the roll is strong enough to hold the knives. You might have someone hold a piece of the strip up and then see if it will hold all the knives. There are different strengths of magnets. It may not be as strong as the Magnetic Tool Holder.

  • Cheryl O'Neill Cheryl O'Neill on Jan 18, 2015
    any room for an inexpensive pantry on another wall? 36" and I wouldn't put the doors on. It would make it easy to access and you could make it attractive the bottles and jars you already have. Also, have you looked at the ikea web site and see what inspiration you can find there? They have some really easy hacks......brainstorm from there. Good luck

    • Deborah Deborah on Jan 18, 2015
      @Cheryl O'Neill This tiny space I have that in mind. This ugly bakers rack has served its purpose but so ugly! LOL I created another question/post about this area, you may be interested in following. If not, Im searching for yet again multi functioning unit here. On the bottom some type of repurposed desk/with storage....cannot stick out from wall to far to the right of this is my bi fold doors and left my back door. SO although I think it would be cool to add some two drawer file cabinets=repurposed/re painted-for theme industrial, I think they are to large to stand out from wall. I posted alot of photos on this on other question posted.

  • Cheryl O'Neill Cheryl O'Neill on Jan 18, 2015
    maybe some more pictures so that we can get a better visual of what you have ;)

    • Deborah Deborah on Jan 23, 2015
      @Cheryl O'Neill Adding some pics here. The picture is the wall I want to do an inexpensive, open pantry. Its the only wall spaces I have in kitchen. Excuse photo, I was purging here!

  • Grangerite Grangerite on Nov 10, 2015
    Where do the bifold doors go. If that is a closet I would take all spices and put in there. If goes into another room I would just take off doors. Forget slider. The wall the bakers rack is on. Make that into a cast iron display wall. Put hooks on a board and anchor boards to wall. Handing a pot rack on the ceiling by that wall. Put non cast iron on that pot rack. On the wall where your tkitchen table is I would find a couple of cabinets or display shelves( thrift and restores are a great place to find these) take pictures down and put up shelves. Put spices in same containers and display there. Hang the shelves high as not to hit head on them. Under that shelf I would put a skinny table or a skinny cabinet to display canister set in that cabinet underneath store spices only used occasionally. Move table away from wall . Make it smaller. If you have leaves in it. Really to big for room. Drop leaf would work. Your coffee station should be moved to kitchen counter . Idea that works for me. I set up a table in another room. Take everything out of cabinets , off the table and kitchen furniture out. Stand back and you will be amazed how you can think better with a clean slate. Please post pictures when done . Pinterest has posts of pot and pan walls and spice storage. I think you need to not have so many ideas and work with the clean slate and better ideas will come.

    • Deborah Deborah on Nov 22, 2015
      @Walnutstgranger The bifold doors leads to a small laundry room. I have built some shelves there but found if I add can goods there they sweat due to the heat of the dryer. Its not really a "room" just large enough for washer/dryer.

  • More Than Organizing More Than Organizing on Nov 18, 2015
    You also have significant space above your cabinets. If you have some lesser used items that you could store up there - you could potentially build out (or even buy) some closed storage systems. It could be open storage if the items you move up there are not unsightly. I was also going to suggest adding a shelf below your cabinet, just as you have the plans of from Ace Hardware. Be careful with the open pantry idea. That can look really nice, but if you aren't super organized, it can look very cluttered in a small space. The combination of some open/some closed storage might work well there. If you have dishware that can be in the open area that is often a bit nicer to have out than food items.

    • Deborah Deborah on Nov 22, 2015
      @More Than Organizing I like the idea of the above counter storage. I have now installed shelves above my coffee nook and it is an open shelf/pantry. All the pickle jars are sitting there and it does look crowded. Im stalled now, im now working full time. Sigh.

  • Grangerite Grangerite on Nov 22, 2015
    Put long shelves in laundry room.and on both sides. Put pots pans crock pots in the laundry room. Serious from what I'm seeing in kitchen ,you need to take everything out of cabinets and reorganize. Oils in one cabinet and spices by alphabet order in another. Throw old spices out they get old and buggy. It's happened to me. Put micro on bakers rack with the coffee pot put basket and store tea towels and napkins and coffee canister there .you have to much stuff scattered around confusing. Start with clean slate as I've said before.

  • Grangerite Grangerite on Nov 22, 2015
    I'm looking at that bakers rack. Put it somewhere else. Take that wall and put a lot of shelves on that wall. Put all you spices there. Paint the wall black board paint and write names of spices on it to funk it up. Have the boards go from floor to ceiling. Have a lip in the front so the spice jars don't get knocked off. Take doors off a couple of cabinets adjust shelves and put oils in there. Put shelves in laundry room and put small appi NCOs in there. Get the micro off counter . Post more pictures of your kitchen. Go to thrift stores and hunt for storage containers. To many baskets they take up to much space . Line oils up without putting in baskets.

  • Grangerite Grangerite on Nov 22, 2015
    Ok I'm looking at you kitchen with the table . I'm seeing you have open top cabinets. Take all those vases off. Get a thin board, put all the way across. Put all oils up there for now. They are in ornate oil jars and would look just fine up there . If you need on get. Step stool and use it. What's all the stuff on the table if those canisters are for using get them off the table, move that bakers rack on the wall where bifold doors are until you redo you kitchen. Make that the microwave and coffee station. Move table away from wall. If find a smaller table at a thrift I would get a drop leaf . Post pictures of your whole kitchen and some of the things you have done. Start with every thing out of cupboards. I can't stress that enough You will find stuff you forgot and if you forgot about it chuck it.

  • Deborah Deborah on Nov 23, 2015
    Thank you walnutstgranger! Note: Ive since taken everything out of cabinets, got rid of lots of stuff not being used. Its time to do it again! Placing the oils ontop of my cabinets would mean a foot stool. I do have a foot stool but I hate bringing it out in such a small kitchen, every inch of space is counted for (not like..I like it as of yet) however, its so tight when I do pull it out, I end up tripping over it while cooking if I dont put it away quickly. I have shelves inside my pantry/wash room. I just got front load washer/dryer which are taller so I will have to re work these someday. (Sigh). I think my kitchen has the wrong cabinetry-what was meant to be bathroom? cabinets which explains the long dark tunnels that is DEAD space, which means i have a bigger problem that what is truly shown. I have removed the black bakers rack since I took this photo. It was meant as a temporary make shift/storage thing until I could do better. Now I have this large industrial type rolling cart a friend of mine gifted me from an auction. It has a drawer, im using the drawer for mixer, ziplock bags, extra tea and coffee. Below on the two bottom shelves I house larger items I don't have room for in my cabinets. Crock pot, blender etc. These are pushed in the you cant see them as much. The first shelf holds jars of misc. items such as dried beans, powdered sugar anything else that I can keep fresh in a jar instead of a box that they come in. The table has a long history. I want to get rid of it but neighbors and family frequent my home for dinners etc. Eventually I will get rid of it but as of now, I am working full time unlike before. As far as the pot wrack, I used to have one that hung on my wall where the bakers rack was but it was simply to far away from stove and I didnt like the idea of that being in my "dinning room" if you can call it that. I have an idea with my pots/pans I would like to get rid of the scalloped board above my sink, where the light fixture is hidden (a simple flourescent light) to open the kitchen up a bit. There is where I would like to hang pots so they are out of the way, not like where they are now. This kitchen is a real challenge. Above the cabinets, I am hesitant to place anything up there because it gets so dirty. I wanted some industrial type boxes to house a few things in but IM not sure what that would be as what I have, is used and in reach basically. I am working towards going "Industrial style" although that is not the most important step. The goal is/was decluttering first while keeping in mind style later yet functional and how to make this kitchen functional firstly. I will be painting the walls, I am undecided about cabinets all together. What color, if I should paint etc. Im thinking would it be tacky-see pictures below.

  • Grangerite Grangerite on Nov 24, 2015
    Post pictures of new rack, I would paint wall a light color , white or gray, that will brighten up kitchen, gray is industrial and any color would go. Paint cabinets one color on top and a little darker on bottom in a gray. Your white counter top will go with that. I'm anxious to see your progress. That blackboard paint would look great as back splash paint . I would utilize the top of cabinets. If you collect something group the collection up there. I have teapots and old bowls on top of mine. I clean twice a year . No biggy and I am very short.. There is hammered aluminum spray paint spray your knobs. Post pictures as you get moving on your project

  • EmeryLou EmeryLou on Nov 24, 2015
    Start by emptying all your cupboards. Prioritize what needs to be in the kitchen based on how often it is used. I put my once/twice a year used items in my basement (like my large stock pot, fondue pot large serving platters) As you put things back group them. Drawers can be great for spices. Wooden spoons, spatulas etc could be in a vase on the counter if no drawer space and doesn't take up much room. Donate utensils you don't use. Keep one cupboard for pantry items. No need to stockpile food since grocery stores are much closer to home theses days. Only keep plastic storage containers that you actually use. Again if there are some you use infrequently, put those somewhere else. Keep you kitchen space for regularly used items. Good luck!

  • Darla Darla on Dec 14, 2015
    You might put lighting on the underside of your cabinets. That will make it at least look brighter and roomier. I agree that you should use the space above your cabinets, maybe for stuff that doesn't get used a lot. To keep it from getting dirty, put it in enclosed containers or crates with matching decorative labels, chalkboard labels or those brass card holders. You could also use a decorative (strong) crate as your step stool and store something that is not fragile in it, like cookbooks.

  • KatAych KatAych on Feb 13, 2016
    Do you have room anywhere to add an armoire you could use as a pantry? You're taking all the right steps - purge, purge, purge!!! My husband is a professional chef, and honestly you can get buy with just a handful of pots and pans for most things. Mounting things under the cabinet and on the backsplash are great tips, too to give you more counterspace. We put our spice jars on the inside of the door (they're magnetic). And don't forget about the SIDES of your cabinets, too! You can store cutting boards, potholders, spices, etc. there, as well by mounting baskets, file holders, hooks and the like.

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    • KatAych KatAych on Feb 16, 2016
      @Deborah You'll get least you have a vision of what you have to work with and what will work for you!!! Space is precious - use every bit of it!!! :-) Don't forget there's space to mount stuff underneath the cabinets, too. You wondered if the bar with S hooks would look too cluttered; I think as long as you keep everything tidy, it will look great!

  • Deborah Deborah on Feb 20, 2016
    Thanks to all fellow hometalkers!

  • Cztromley Cztromley on Jul 30, 2016
    we made extra shelf space by placing a board from the top of one cabinet to top of next one which was over our sink. You could nail the heads of jars to the underside, screw off when needed, run a few more shelves between or hang tiered wire baskets, square of course to fit some more jars in and organize them in groups