Need holder inside cabinet door to hold foil and plastic wrap boxes

In our old house, we had a small wire "box" that attached to the inside of the cabinet door to hold plastic wrap and aluminum foil boxes in an upright position. All of the commercial versions are too wide for where I want to put it in the new place. Looking for idea on how to make a smaller version. Thanks!
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  • Michelle Dowdy Michelle Dowdy on Oct 16, 2015
    I made my own box holder from a cereal box which I covered in scrapbook paper. One side was cut about 2 inches down so that I can easily see my boxes of foil. I have a pantry and was able to take my foil and papers out of a drawer and put onto a shelf with this method. You can attach the box to the inside of your cabinet with a tack, nail or tape. Here is a a YouTube video that gives a visual for you to modify.

    • Suzie Suzie on Oct 16, 2015
      @Michelle Dowdy Thank you! Great idea. I'll try it.

  • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Oct 16, 2015
    I just saw something today, online, where an upright magazine holder was screwed to the inside of the cabinet door. It was just the right size and open on the sides so you could see each box. They also put boxes of trash and sandwich bags in there as well.

  • Laurie Laurie on Feb 10, 2016
    I used hardware cloth cut and bent to size and attached with screws with a plain flatwasher on the inside so the screw would hold. You can make it exactly the size your cupboard door and shelfs allow. I have one horizontal and one vertical for the short boxes of bags.

  • Paula Paula on Aug 21, 2021

    Hi, Just came upon this website and if anyone is still interested, I am using a fabric bag that I bought at the liquor store - the one that holds six wine bottles. I put it in a larger fabric bag in which I cut and fitted 5 pieces of hard cardboard (4 for the sides and 1 for the bottom) and I put my boxes of tin foil, zip lock bags and cling wrap etc. in that. I made 2 holes on one side of the bag, one on the left and one on the right and used Command hooks to hang it inside my kitchen cupboard. Hope that helps.