Where can I store all my tea for easy access

I love my tea but its taking up valuable inside cabinet space. I tried putting the teabags, loose tea boxes and cans of tea in containers inside the cabinet. Then I can’t see what I have without taking the container out and routing through everything. The cabinet space I have I’d like to use for other things like canned goods - any suggestions? Actually have the same issue with my various flavored coffees. They’re in a container in the cabinet and I can’t see what’s there without taking things out of the cabinet. There has to be an easier way.
q where can i store all my tea for easy access
My stash of tea
q where can i store all my tea for easy access
My stash of coffees
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  • Deb Deb on Feb 11, 2018
    I had room to hang a shelf or two above my stove and microwave. I painted them the same color as the walls to blend in. Now I can see all of my teas at first glance. Hope this helps.

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Feb 11, 2018
    With so many different sizes and shapes, you need a versatile means of storage. Have you considered a lazy Susan style turntable ? Then you don’t need to pull everything off the shelf, just spin the turntable.
    I also use small baskets to contain small items like individual pouches of cocoa mixes. Small cup hooks screwed into the bottom side of the shelf above can hold the bags of coffee beans clamped shut with those little clips that have a hole at the top. They can also be layered, two clips to a hook.

    • Lorrie Lorrie on Feb 19, 2018
      I use this approach for my many spice containers! I also keep them in alphabetical order on the shelves. I can find any one of them in a second!

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Feb 11, 2018
    Put them in a pretty wire basket for storage.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 11, 2018
    Get a shoebox or some other narrow box and cover the outside and inside with contact paper and put the bags of coffee in it. The box should be low enough to be able to see what is in it. If there is room, you could put other things in with it. You could do the same with all the teas, put the boxes of teas below the container you put the bagged tea in and it is all in the same area, accessible and you can see what is in it and it is easily moveable to get what you want, yet will give you more room for canned goods or whatever. You could put both in the same cupboard and it will allow you an empty shelf. Our microwave is next to hubbies Keurig and I have an old hard Tupperware dish he fills with some of his pods on top of it. The rest goes in a Rubbermaid container on top of the fridge to refill the smaller container. He uses smallish plastic containers to hold bagged coffees once he opens them and keeps them next to his machine along with his sugar.

  • Jjsunflower😎 Jjsunflower😎 on Feb 12, 2018
    You could also get glass or plastic containers it will keep everything fresh good luck😎

  • Vee Vee on Feb 13, 2018
    purchase a box with lid that has square compartments and keep tea seperat3d I keep one on the counter so I can grab a cup heat water and viola tea!

  • Ursula Ursula on Feb 15, 2018
    I totally love this idea because I don't keep the same amount of all my tea varieties. http://poofycheeks.com/2012/08/mason-jar-storage-shelf-tutorial/

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Mar 06, 2019

    Although tea is sold in cardboard boxes, once the box is opened, it should be transferred to airtight, waterproof containers (metal, glass, or ceramic) especially the bags that are not individually wrapped in the foiled paper.

    Having the tea on only one layer in the cupboard, as shown in the picture you posted, is not making use of half of your interior space. I would suggest to purchase two-tiered rotating racks or racks made especially for wrapped tea bags.

  • AlexW AlexW on Dec 04, 2021

    Bags are put in those dividers and I throw away the boxes. Special teas like Aromáticas d'Palma I keep in their tins. Either way I usually keep them in the cupboard, nice dark and cool. This is where I order my face, btw: https://aromaticasdepalma.com/en/9-gift-pack