Decoupage Twin Mop Box

I was sitting here bored yesterday, looking at the Twin Spin Mop box I just couldn't part with (might use it for something, you know). It had a nifty handle. I'd just completed a new floral arrangement in my vintage black panther lighted flower pot, and had dozens of silk flowers sitting on the floor. And some vintage wrapping paper I also couldn't part with. Sooooooooooooo....
Red being my favorite color, I chose the blocks and the paper featuring Girls of the World.....Out come the scissors and my homemade modge podge and I start cutting.

Each side was done separately and trimmed after decoupaging to the box. Only the top features the girls.
I carried over some paper to the inside so the blue of the box wouldn't show, and cut out the area for the handle.
Now I have a cute covered box to hold all my flowers in for crafting, at no cost. It could also be done to hold children's travel toys when they visit grandparents, or maybe Christmas decorations. Possibilities endless...
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