Asked on Apr 27, 2018

How do you take "Gracious Living" plastic drawers apart?

Brenda D
by Brenda D
I have some plastic drawers that I would like to take apart, so they can fit into a new space. I have tried a number of times to separate the frame, in order to do this, but it's really stuck! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 27, 2018

    The adhesive may be stronger than the plastic. Use lubricating oil, Goo Gone, or heavy-duty adhesive remover. Let it set half an hour. Then try to separate the plastic from the drawer slowly, using a putty knife, butter knife, or flathead screwdriver. If they still won’t separate, get out a strong, sharp saw. Good luck. ☺️

  • Rose Middleton Rose Middleton on Apr 27, 2018

    I don't think it can be done, other than using a saw to cut the frame.

  • Brenda D Brenda D on Apr 27, 2018

    I have been able to get a couple of them apart, but at the wrong spots. There seems to be kind of a tab that has to be pushed in on each "leg", but it's very difficult to do that, unless you use a screwdriver. However, the other ones just seem to be STUCK and I can't get them to budge.

  • The13539425 The13539425 on Jun 13, 2019

    they are stacked together

  • Brenda D Brenda D on Jun 13, 2019

    I finally managed to get them apart, by scraping off the plastic, until it came loose. Thank you!