Is there anything I can do to muffle the noise from my central AC?


How do I cover a central air machine to keep it quiet and to camouflage it it’s on my deck on my condo and it’s very noisy

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  • Andy Andy on Jun 15, 2019

    The compressor in the outside unit is noisy. You can buy a insulated compressor cover and have it installed to help quiet the unit. It wraps around the compressor and muffles the noise some. The real answer is next time buy a hvac unit that is quiet, ask your hvac salesperson for recommendations. Goodman units have a loud compressor for sure.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 16, 2019

    If you cover the outside unit it won't be able to breathe and take in enough fresh air. This will cause it to overheat and eventually stop working. If you have a warranty on the unit it will also void the warranty.

    • Diana Diana on Jun 23, 2019

      I don’t want to block the air flo that’s the problem. It’s on my small deck on the second floor of my condo. We can’t sit out and enjoy the deck with it running ? I wish I could build somtjing to help the noise and the eye soar. I will send a picture so you can see what I mean. And thank you for helping me

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 23, 2019

    There is no way to dampen the noise without covering the whole unit and if it is running it won't get air at all to keep it cool. The only way to have it quiet when you are on the deck is to actually turn off the unit. As long as the unit is off, you can cover the unit with whatever you want to use, but it must be uncovered if it is turned on, sorry!

  • Diana Diana on Jun 29, 2019

    Yes I am I would I’m aware I can’t cover it up why it’s running I just wish there was something I could cover it with it and still give it airflow it to dampen the noise and make it such that it’s such an eyesore really I was just hoping somebody would have some kind of solution but thank you very much I appreciate it