Flip A Pool To A Beautiful Patio

Level the ground with a jackhammer, add topsoil, and pave. Get tutorial here

Create An Oasis Paradise Near Your Pool

Use landscaping timbers for the edging around the pool, and cover the area with landscaping fabric. Get tutorial here

Add Different Style Choices For Your Gazebo

Create full pleated curtains by folding canvas curtains and scrub down furniture with Murphy’s Oil. Get tutorial here

Build A Personalized Water Feature In 3 Hours

Install a trio of basalt gurglers and thread the gurglers through the pump hose. Get tutorial here

Prepare For Summertime With A Tiki Bar

Install bamboo walling and use stone dust for drainage. Get tutorial here

Have A Peaceful Meditation Space

Build a retaining wall and a wooden frame to secure the hole. Get tutorial here

Get The Faux Inground Pool Look

Purchase an intex pool, dig a 24 feet pool, and surround with wood pallets. Get tutorial here

Frame Up a New Shed

Create a foundation with 2X6’s and slide in the framework. Get tutorial here

Lounge Outside On Your New Deck

First create a floating dock on concrete blocks and lay the deck boards. Get tutorial here

Coordinate Mosaic Tiles On A Fire Pit

Dig out the grass in the desired spot, and add mosaic tiles on the top to beautify. Get tutorial here

Stack Blocks For A Fire Pit

Measure out the area to properly size the fire pit, and fill the hole with mini marble chips. Get tutorial here

Make A Beautiful Patio Of Flagstone

Create a level and compact soil base, then use bags of crush and run to build a footing. Get tutorial here

Bounce On An Inground Trampoline

Use a excavator to dig a hole, and set up the trampoline. Get tutorial here

Have A Cascading Waterfall Slope

Determine the natural flow of the water, create a strong skeleton, and put an underlay over the framework. Get tutorial here

Build A Marvelous Landscape Around Your Pool

Install an outdoor kitchen and a limestone border wall. Get tutorial here