Adding a wheelchair ramp and needed to know 1) how to kill all grass under and around it, 2)also, looking for some

Terri J
by Terri J
ideas on ways to do this that it won't take away from curb appeal, but add to it, such as, extending the top portion into a longer porch, some very low maintenance bushes that really would not need much care, etc. 3) if original steps going into the house can be left in place would you leave them or take them do away with them? Trying to get a few pictures as requested to load on Sunday/Monday.
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  • The best way is to remove all the sod & then spray a weed & grass killer over the area. Then add landscape fabric & cover with gravel. The second one - almost anything is possible but I really can't say much without knowing more about neighborhood, house, etc... As for the steps, are they concrete or brick in good shape- I would probably leave them as you or a future owner may no longer need or want the ramp. If wood or in really bad shape, I would probably eliminate them
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 23, 2013
    Wheel chair ramps have some pretty tight regulations regarding slope, width, landing rails etc. At least if you are building to ADA standards. As far as the steps can you post a pic to give us an idea of the general layout?
  • Hi Teri, The best way to kill the grass/weeds is as SLS has detailed above. In order to speak to the balance of your questions it would help if you could post a few pictures showing the full front and both sides of the project area.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 23, 2013, flowers, flowers. Put some brackets on the support posts and put hanging baskets on them! It would only take a few to make a beautiful setting.
  • Check out lowe's They sell pre-fab ramps that are fairly easy to assemble that meet the ADA standards.
  • Janet Mitchell Janet Mitchell on Mar 24, 2013
    but if you're not into chemicals put plastic down until the grass dies. Newspaper is an inexpensive weed and grass regrowth deterant. It's not perfect but it's free and you can put mulch or wood chips over it.
  • Another non-chemical way to kill grass is pour white vinegar on it, it may need a few applications. Are you building the ramp yourself? If so, we have an article on our blog that includes slope info . As for curb appeal, if the ramp has a gradual slope, installing shrubs along the curb side would help to visually 'anchor' the ramp; if the ramp will have some height to it, a good way to maintain curb appeal (even if you install shrubs) would be to install a lattice skirt (like used under porches) beneath the ramp to give it an attractive finished look (this would conceal the underneath structure of the ramp). Any time you can use architectural detailing on a project, and, complement your house style, it could certainly add much aesthetic value.
  • Terri J Terri J on Mar 28, 2013
    @ Better Outdoor living - I am not building it myself because it needs to be exact for ADA compliance in PA, so I when it comes time, that will be done. I know I said I would set up pictures, but to show you guys, but I found a company thru one of the people in the neighborhood who had his house - wheelchair ramp, bathroom and any other necessary changes done by them. I will be back to ask what y'all think of their ideas. I like the idea of a lattice fence.