How to make my garden gloves last longer

by Bhb4117319
I go through garden gloves so quickly by holes forming in the finger tips. I have bought almost every kind possible both cheap and expensive, anyone have any suggestions for longer life with my garden gloves?
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  • Linda Myles Linda Myles on Mar 30, 2016
    buy the gloves with the rubber on the fingers. I go thru gloves a lot too the rubber seems to last longer
  • B J  Alexis B J Alexis on Mar 30, 2016
    I had the same problem last year, before using the next newest pair, I turned them inside out and placed duct tape in the fingertips of each finger I routinely poke through, two small pieces in opposite directions, might have to adjust slightly when you put them on to get the finger in the right place, but it works.
  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Mar 30, 2016
    I am so sincerely sympathetic to to this very issue myself. And until now I thought all these years it was just me. I have never once read or heard anyone else ever complain. I have shoe boxes full of expensive gardening gloves to dirt cheap ones and all the others in between. This year I have chosen to use yet another new type and thus far I must admit I am impressed with LIGHT& GRIP white leather gloves made by ROECKL. They have thick stitching and velcro clasping, for easy on and off. They can get wet and still aloow you to keep gardening. Good Luck.
  • Annhunting Annhunting on Mar 30, 2016
    I've been using mechanics gloves (buy mine in parts stores). They seem to last a little longer. Used one pair all summer last year, although I wasn't in the yard a ton.
  • Karenk Karenk on Mar 30, 2016
    I cut the tips off so that I can use my fingers to grab and pull out smaller weeds in my vege garden. Also, with your finger nails exposed you can quickly and easily pinch off spent/damaged leaves. I will often buy $1 store gloves and cut the tips off the finger/thumbs before I ever use them.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 30, 2016
    I too use the rubber coated gloves - cloth on the upper side and rubber/latex on the under side - usually lasts me a couple of years and fairly inexpensive at Walmart and Cosco.
  • I have several pairs of gloves- different types and purposes- because I put holes in them too. I switch out while I am working in the garden and whenever they go on sale or clearance at the end of the year I buy several pairs. I use mechanics gloves for digging and sometimes even pulling weeds because they help me grip better. I never buy cheap gloves at the dollar stores of walmart- i put holes in them fast and they donot hold up. I have a pair of mud gloves which have held up for 3 years now I use when it is muddy and cold out when I am repotting or transplanting. The trick is to switch out gloves and during garden season I do not let my fingernails get long to avoid my nail going through the glove (and dirty nails). Do you wash them? If yes, then do not ever dry them! that will shorten the life. I wash mine a lot and let them air dry. I have a really good pink pair that is really thick latex/rubber and they have not gotten a hole yet.