How can I attract hummingbirds? I put out hummingbird feeders.

I bought the proper feeder and liquid but no birds.
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  • Where do you live and how long has the feeder been out? Also where did you place it? Do you have seed feeders too?

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 03, 2017
    Beside the feeders,use plants such as Salvia,Cuphera,coneflowers,butterfly bush,milkweed,blackeyed susans,butterfly weed,and hummingbirds like red flowers

  • Gina Gina on Jun 03, 2017
    Don't forget to keep the feeder super clean.

  • Olivia Morris Olivia Morris on Jun 03, 2017
    It takes a while for hummers to find you. Plant flowers that hummers like. Orange trumpet wines, cardinal climbers, cypress vines, Wiegela bushes, larkspur, foxgloves, bee balm (monarda) any flower that is orange/red in color and shaped like a trumpet will attract the hummers to your yard. Canna are another favorite. You can read a blog I did a while ago
    The key secret is to have those feeders out early in the spring, but if you are late in getting them up don't worry, you just need to be patient. You are now trying to distract them from other places that they have already found for food. They will come, be ready and keep those feeder clean, change the solution the minute you see it get cloudy or have mold on/in it. Especially if they haven't found you yet. Old sugar water will make them go away and stay away, especially if there are other places to find fresh drink.....

  • Cro23537118 Cro23537118 on Jun 03, 2017
    I have several shrubs planted in pots on my patio that the hummingbirds like. Salvia, jasmine, honeysuckle, geranium, nasturtium. They also check out the mint, oregano, and basil if those start t flower.

    if you used red color solution, it's easier and cheaper to make your own -- 4 cups water + 1 cup sugar. Some directions will say to boil it. I usually bring to a boil and then put in quart canning jar and cover with lid. Once it cools to room temp I fill the (cleaned) feeder.

  • Susan Axsom Curtis Susan Axsom Curtis on Jun 03, 2017
    Do you live in the Humming bird fly zone.?
    if you do , do the things that Crockercarlson said they do. Be sure to clean the feeders even if you don't see any Hummers. On the feeders make sure there is a perch for them to stand on. Also you have to make sure that other wildlife can't get in to the sugar-water.