How can I make my big boring backyard cozy?

I need help!
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  • Tammy Tammy on Jun 02, 2017

    Start small, when dealing with a large beautiful blank slate like yours you don't want to become overwhelmed by trying to tackle it all at once. I would start by adding a firepit with seating or a grilling area. Smaller flower gardens connected by a garden path would help to do it in stages. I'm also a huge lover of wildflowers and think they would look great across the back.

  • Jason T. Lee Jason T. Lee on Jun 02, 2017

    The key to cozy is seating and plants. Find some outdoor furniture you early like and then buy plants in a contrasting color (preferably something low maintenance that comes back every year). Then find a few pieces of decor to accent your space. It's mainly a matter of liking what you see.

  • Jason T. Lee Jason T. Lee on Jun 02, 2017

    Auto correct stinks! Lol

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 02, 2017

    Question is what exactly do you want in your yard?

  • Earl Flanagan Earl Flanagan on Jun 03, 2017

    Add some mystery to your yard by having a path the end of which can't be seen, a firepit or pond surrounded by seating and flowers that come with aromas.

  • Nicole Nicky Wheatland Nicole Nicky Wheatland on Jun 03, 2017

    Put a fire pit in the middle in that dead section and have many happy gatherings around the fire

  • Dalyn Mauck Dalyn Mauck on Jun 03, 2017

    All above suggestions are great if you can do the work yourself and know how. A landscape designer can design your yard for you and get the work done. If course it will cost to pay someone but will be beautiful for years to come.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jun 03, 2017

    I think Earl Flanagan makes a good point - what do you see your backyard looking like. Do you want a bbq area with an eating area, do you want a covered area, do you want gardens - flowers, veggies or both, play area for kids?? When we were starting our large - not as large as yours, we started with a veggie garden and I did some of the side areas in flower gardens. We wanted a deck so that went in then we got our pool - still love that. After that we decided where we wanted to create privacy via a hedge. Because we back onto a park we also had to plan on how to get privacy with a chain link fence. Ohhh the things you have to think of. It all comes together over time - just figure out your priority and start there.