My fishpond water has turned green

Installed a new liner added floating iris {12} and a waterfall now the water is green what do I do to clear the water
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  • T.southfox T.southfox on Jun 02, 2016
    Algae is the pond in the sun? Does the water get warm? There are chemicals that can help with that,

    • Donna C. Donna C. on Jun 03, 2016
      Barley bails are helpful. You can buy them online or at at pet store. They come in sizes that suit your ponds size

  • John Grimley John Grimley on Jun 03, 2016
    Short term, there's treatments you can put in the pond. (as above). however, the best solution is to buy an ultra-violet lamp (the size you need depends on the size of your pond. I have a 4ft tube which does a great job with my 8ft x 4ft x 4ft pond, the water is very clear. The Uv is installed before my filter so much of the algae is taken out before the water is returned to my pond.

  • Bink Bink on Jun 03, 2016
    Please go to your nearest pool vendor. He will sell you a water tester and tell him what you have. Better yet....take a water sample with you. He can test it.

  • Linda Vellucci Linda Vellucci on Jun 03, 2016
    A bunch of goldfish are natural eaters

  • LadyJoker LadyJoker on Jun 03, 2016
    Copper helps fight algae - I put copper pennies in my birdbath water and it keeps the algae away - my friend coiled some coppier tubing and placed in her pond - and it helps to fight algae

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jun 03, 2016
    First, your water is not being circulated properly, and a filter should also be considered. Replace after scrubbing up, as much of the water as you can. If you have no fish now, remove the plants for now and chlorinate it with liquid chlorine or pool product if you want ASAP results. Second, you are getting 'fall out' from surrounding plants, check, trim or remove what is falling into your water. If you are getting that much algae, you are too stagnant and also a big home for mosquitos. A herd of goldfish is a cheap and easy fun way to help in the long run, they grow fast and mine winter well under the ice.

  • G D H G D H on Jun 03, 2016
    You need underwater plants as well as plants that cover at least half of the water surface. Go to pet shop and get plants for an aquarium I use seaweed but depending on pet shop there is more choices. And a few goldfish. It took mine a couple of weeks to clear, with no chemicals

  • Lilia Salcedo Vila Lilia Salcedo Vila on Jun 03, 2016
    your fishpot should be far for the light sun.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jun 03, 2016
    We are in NC and every summer our water turns green also. The water itself is clean though. We found Barley Loafs at PetSmart and they really work. Usually within 2-3 days it clears. Also shade helps

  • Homertalk Homertalk on Jun 03, 2016
    Lots of answers: Algae grows in sun. A pond should never be in full sunlight. If it is, you will have algae fighting issues. As Others have mentioned: Water Plants help create shade, but they can spoil the desired look of the pond. Chlorine kills everything and kind of defeats what having a pond is all about. It's a pond not a pool. Here are some other ideas. If you are also a gardener, you may be growing barley as a cover crop. Cut your barley, dry it, form it into a mini bale, like hay, and toss it into the pond where it won't be seen. Barley has a natural way of removing algae. There are commercial barley pellelts at the store, but they are not as effective as the straw, and very expensive. Ultra violet light. If you have a waterfall feature, or a water jet, installing an ultra violet light nearest the water movement will kill algae. It costs sme, but its a permanent solution, As is moving the pond to a shady area. Or planting some tall trees to cast shade over the water. Also there are commercial algae killers at all pond stores. Check you tube for diy algae killer formulas.

  • Lisa Lisa on Jun 03, 2016
    It needs oxygen; it should be aerated. A small solar pump should keep the algae away, but you'll have to clean the algae out first. Once you get it cleaned, install your solar pump.

  • Judy Riley Judy Riley on Jun 03, 2016
    cover the pond completely for about a week so the light cannot get to kill the algae in and then add more plants to absorb the extra water is caused by too much sunlight

  • Lindy Lindy on Jun 03, 2016
    We use to have the same problem as our pond faces the West. Use Pond Block by Tetra. Comes 4 "blocks" in a package; just put one block in your pond once a month and you will have crystal clear water and no algae. I get mine at Menardas for $10 but have seen at other pet places for much higher.

  • Dwi5997718 Dwi5997718 on Jun 03, 2016
    if you have fish in it, look for an algae killer that won't harm fish. if need to, take out fish (and aerator if needed), wait for water to clear with a spoonful of bleach, then after 24-48 hrs, then put fish back. if pond in full sun, use your fish-safe algae killer by directions. even a fountain won't stop the algae.

  • Patty Patty on Jun 03, 2016
    If you don't have a UV light,you need one. It gets rid of the "pea green soup"algae. Use an algecide made for ornamental ponds and is safe for fish and plants,if you have them. Know the amount of water in your pond so you use the correct amount. If your pond is in full sun like mine,you'll want to put in enough water plants to cover two thirds of the pond to help keep the algae down. It also helos to clean the water and give fish coverage. Hope this helps.

  • Cathi Cathi on Jun 03, 2016
    UV light helps mine!

  • Jan446058 Jan446058 on Jun 03, 2016
    Love the ultraviolet light. No green water in 24 hours.

  • Cynthia Burton Cynthia Burton on Jun 03, 2016
    Wait. The first spring after we setup our pond it was pea green. We didn't know if our fish had survived the winter until we saw the water move. Plants will help eat up the algae and it will turn over without chemicals. We've done nothing to our pond except put plants and fish in it. We no long need to buy floating plants, the lillies have covered almost half the pond. Our pond is about 10 x 15 and is now very clear and our 2.5" koi are 18" and we have a population fish that were born in our pond. So, just wait and you will see a difference. Of course we do have 2 large filters at the top of the waterfall to eliminate dirt.

  • AlgaeFix keeps mine clear. It's a liquid you add based size of pond won't harm fish or plants. Been using it for 8 years so far :) You can find it on eBay or Amazon

  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Jun 03, 2016
    Although I have not yet installed my pond, I've been doing some heavy research on this particular subject. As I understand it, you can wrap your filter in quilting material (easy to buy and replace when you need to do quarterly maintenance). That will handle some of the debris. The other thing I've noticed is you do need to do an eco balance for your system, including algae eaters. The third thing that I've seen is the garden pond natural Barley Straw process. Nothing will solve all the problems tho. You have to replace a portion of water for maintenance. Hook up a pump to a hose and prepare pond water in a separate area. Pump out "old" water (water your yard plants! it is a great water for that) and then pump in the "new" water.... That's what I've learned so far. I am still in the designing process right now and will probably have built in features just for the maintenance. How to hide those will be yet another story. I loved the Mother Earth News article on pond maintenance. LOL Good luck with your project!

  • Dave Dave on Jun 03, 2016
    If the pond is at least 60% in shade it will come right by it self.

  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 03, 2016
    Any new pond will turn green at first it's a process. There are products out there but you need to very careful with fish or any aquatic life. The best idea is to use at least a 40 watt bulb uv light. And there is a new product called nuagi. It is a liquid enviormentaly safe for all fish and plants . You only use s very small amount each week by week three your pond should be clear! It also helps to have a filter system to catch all the algae in its filter. Certain plNts like water lettuce, hyacinth, various other plants trap the bad stuff and filter wTer through there roots!

  • Gary Drelaud Gary Drelaud on Jun 03, 2016
    I found my pond improved when I kept it topped up with rainwater. I just put a thing for filling rainwater tubs on a down pipe from the roof with a hose into the pond.

  • Jean Jean on Jun 03, 2016
    Even with a lot of floating plants providing shade, I find I still need to use an algicide and a water clarifier. My pond is approximately 1100 gallons.

  • Debbie Underwood Debbie Underwood on Jun 03, 2016
    Hi! Oh! Oh! I know this one!!!! Add Water Hyacinths! They have a natural filtering ability, they are the most AMAZING water plant. They will totally clean your water for you. They float... just plunk them into your pond or container pond. You will see a small difference in about 6-8 hrs and even more after a week! They are the work horses of the plant world...

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    • J Carr J Carr on Jun 04, 2016
      @MunchkinsMom .. Yes, they are beautiful... and I have seen them clog the natural springs in New Braufels, Texas until they removed them all.

  • BCT BCT on Jun 03, 2016
    Barley straw can be used as an algae deterrent. Check at a Feed and Seed or a tractor supply

  • Angela Angela on Jun 03, 2016
    I have had a pond for many years and you need a UV light and you also need to order algae fix from doctors Foster and Smith online also buy a-clarifier and a sludge reducer then go ahead and drain most of the water out and add these chemicals once a week

  • Vernice Darnley Vernice Darnley on Jun 04, 2016
    Algae will grow in any water if exposed to the sun. This is no problem if you keep it down to manageable levels as all sorts of pond life will nibble on it. For my pond I keep one half totally covered in floating plants to give cover for the fish from the heat of the sun and also use a couple of water filters, natural floating barley straw mats - amounts depending on the size of the pond and an electric filter. Your fountain will oxygenate the water, but algea loves still water and sun light so filtering is imperative.

  • Sue c. Sue c. on Jun 04, 2016
    You SHOULD be asking questions about this where you have bought your supplies! You pay for that service when you buy their products. They know what EXACTLY you have/how it works or is used/how to keep out algae. If these folks are scoundrels and will not answer questions do not buy from them. All of us at HOMETALK can only guess about your overall situation. The local folks you bought from will really have the answers you need. Please ask and you will be richly rewarded-we want to help our customers succeed! When you have a gorgeous pond that delights your friends and you tell them how easy it really was with the right help They will be amazed.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jun 07, 2016
    You dont need all the chemicals. A good proportion of water plants and a good filter will keep your pond clean.

  • Dave Dave on Aug 01, 2018
    Myself had the problem but solved it by increasing the shade over the pond to about 60%. You can do this by planting more tree or use shadownetting. I also increased the shade by having a lot of water lilies. Now I don't worry about harmful chemicals and neither does my fish that have started spawning lately. Just like to mention I live in a warm to very hot farming area. My Koi fish ponds used to be. like pea soup.