How to make plaques for trees

by Skr8360927
I have planted a tree for each of my grandchildren upon their birth & would like some ideas to label each tree with their name, name of the tree planted & birthdate.
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  • Terryfuntash Terryfuntash on Jul 10, 2016
    don't cut into the tree, I would get a nice board made from the same kind of wood there personal tree is a put there name and birthday on it
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Jul 10, 2016
    Yes just get a scrap board,paint it,or stain it.Put the name DOB on it,and seal it!
  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Jul 10, 2016
    the ideas above are good and you could drill holes and hang on a branch with light weight chain from one of the big box stores, this is such a great thoughtful thing to do love it xx
  • William William on Jul 10, 2016
    Great ideas here! Make plaques from wood and hang them on a low branch. Attach the wood plaques to a small board a stick them in the ground next to each tree. You could make or buy concrete path stones and paint/write the information on them. Set the the stones in front of the trees.
  • Linda T Linda T on Jul 10, 2016
    Not too low, since I heard years ago, that tree trunks don't grow taller, just the new growth 'arrives' on top. (It was a puzzler of the week on NPR's "Car Talk") They actually asked how tall a certain branch would be on a tree, some years (20?) later. The answer was it would be in the same place! Even if the tree was 20' taller. I was surprised, but love trivia, so it stuck in my brain. So I suggest, no matter how big the kids are now, you put the plaque about 4'-5' up, for the future.
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 10, 2016
    What a wonderful idea! Each child can watch their tree grow and would always remember grandmother.
  • Dianna Morris Dianna Morris on Jul 10, 2016
    I would keep it simple - reclaim some old wood and make into plaque size. I have a Cricut, so I would probably cut letters and numbers on it; put on plaque and then seal with a clear sealant to protect it from the elements. Maybe hang with some hemp cord or chain. Hope this helps.
  • Black Hills Rosie Black Hills Rosie on Jul 10, 2016
    I think the above are great ideas. To my dismay, I found that if I nailed something to a tree, the tree grew around it, and the nail disappeared into the tree itself. So much to learn.
  • Melissa Brown Melissa Brown on Jul 10, 2016
    Get a marble headstone and place at the base of each tree
  • Linda T Linda T on Jul 11, 2016
    Also, don't use copper nails as will kill some trees!
  • Mary Hill Mary Hill on Jul 23, 2016
    Have the kids make concrete "stepping stones" for next to the trees with their names, hand prints, etc?!
  • Dannyswife Dannyswife on Dec 22, 2021

    We planted trees for each of our grandkids as well and I used leftover stone from the house being built next door and painted each child's name on it in their favorite color and put them at the base of each tree. Almost 3 years later, the names are still there and the stones don't get lost or damaged.