Grass problem, help!!

I accidentally bought and planted two types of grass, one is like crabgrass, really I killed most of it with a spray. Do I have to sit and pull all of it out by the root before I plant the new matching seed?
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  • Lisa Kaplan Gordon Lisa Kaplan Gordon on Aug 09, 2015
    Luckily, most annual grasses go dormant in August, so you won't have to stare at crabgrass for long. Your best bet is to aerate in fall, and re-seed with the type of grass you want. Instead of raking leaves, go over them a couple of times with your lawn mower, shredding them and leaving them on your grass to decompose and nourish your lawn in winter. By spring, your lawn should be filled with the grass you want -- mostly. Repeat each fall and eventually you'll have the lawn you've always wanted.

    • KIM KIM on Aug 09, 2015

  • Dottie Unruh Dottie Unruh on Aug 09, 2015
    I doubt what you planted is crab grass, but a coarser type of grass which will come back in the spring and spread. If it's what I think it is, weed killer won't do it. You'll need to dig it out and be sure to get the roots, then I would sod over it in late fall.