Roots from external trees damaging my patio



Roots from external trees outside my boundary are damaging my patio. they have kind of made its way to paved bricks and uneven them creating lot of ups/downs in the patio surface area and lifted the bricks in the pavement similar to the photo attached (not my patio but the lift is higher) . Also the roots are popping out in the garden as well in between my vegetable garden and probably eating the nutrients I have for the vegetable garden.

Also there may be multiple trees which are outside my patio area and not just one , plus they all belong to county not to our society so it may not be easy to cut them.

Is there a way i can get rid of them or control the further damage while protecting my existing crop.

Also what may be some of the future consequences if I do not take any action and let the roots grow.

q roots from external trees damaging my patio
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