What can I put here?

I live in PA. This area gets no sun at all. It's a blank canvas but I'm not a bit creative so I'm hoping I can get some great ideas from you. Tia
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  • Uyen Vuong Uyen Vuong on May 25, 2015
    Beautiful driveway! That corner can become a beautiful little garden.

  • Sue Vernon Sue Vernon on May 25, 2015
    Hostas! they will light up the corner.

    • Erin Erin on May 25, 2015
      Yes. Hostas. But...husband hates them. I love them though. Do you think coleus would grow there?

  • Laurie Laurie on May 26, 2015
    Hosta does grow in shaded areas, but so does Bleeding Heart and Ferns.

  • Grouchy Grouchy on May 26, 2015
    A nice piece of sculpture to go with the plants--or a large vertical rock would think it had the most special spot in the yard (living among all those shade tolerant plants).

  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on May 26, 2015
    I suggest a water fountain, some decorative rock, astilbe, small fern and some heuchera aka coral bells. You could put in a solar light as the solar panel is on a line that you relocate in the sun. Another suggestion is to put in gravel or pavers. Put in a bench or two chairs with a little table. Add color with pillows and wall decor. Add a tall fake plant. Or you can add two hanging plants, one by the garage and one by the door. Have fun.

  • Susanne Woolley Susanne Woolley on May 26, 2015
    I think I'd place a small bubbler style water feature, then fill in with some beautiful begonias and impatiens along with the pretty wasabi coleus for contrast.. Nice little space!

  • Cheryl Cheryl on May 26, 2015
    I like the water feature idea. Another that could accompany it would be to cover the ground in small rocks and plant a variety of succulents (like cactus) which need very little water. There are some for both sun and shade. Jade plants and aloes are examples of easy succulents to grow and both will take the shade. Another idea, if you can match the pavers, is just to paver it to match and forget the maintenance of a garden.

  • Susan Box Susan Box on May 26, 2015
    Whatever you choose for the flower bed area, i suggest adding a couple of planters to define the front stoop ( stoop?) from the driveway. It's nice to break up a large expanse of driveway this way. Use a large and a smaller container, possibly the same color and styles as a fountain or statuary if you're using them. The plantings should also tie in with the bed.

  • Leona G Leona G on May 26, 2015
    You might want to check out this website for info specifically for PA. http://extension.psu.edu/plants/gardening/publications I like the idea of a water feature and some stones but I'm not sure which plants to suggest as I don't know if you want to have flowers or shrubs, perennials or annuals? Hostas are nice but hide in the winter which could cause the area to look bare. Do you have a water bib close by so the plants can easily be watered? Some spring bulbs that like shade would be nice to see after the winter. Good luck.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on May 31, 2015
    I'd put a park-like bench, maybe a woven outdoor mat/rug under it, and some potted plants that will grow in shade in your area.maybe shuuters or window boxes, also.

    • RJK RJK on Jun 04, 2015
      @Polly Zieper I was thinking the same thing

  • Fran Fran on Jun 02, 2015
    I had a similar problem

  • Fran Fran on Jun 02, 2015
    Think of your space as another room. Add an all weather rug, hang shutters on each side of the window and place a couple of chairs with an accent table in the middle. When winter comes and you need to remove the furniture, add seasonal items to the shutters or place a Christmas tree in front of the window. Think outside of the box!

  • Betty Miller Betty Miller on Jun 04, 2015
    Are either of those windows where you could enjoy bird feeder or bird bath. A water feature with chair/s & small table by the entrance to enjoy water feature. I like the shutter idea also to add some color. All that brick needs something to liven it up.

  • Marykay Hane Marykay Hane on Oct 30, 2016
    What ever you decide to do, I would go with container gardening and not plant there. It is too close to your foundations.

  • Ellis Ellis on Nov 01, 2016
    I would put some very large paving blocks, leaving only a small space uncovered. Then I would either fill in around them with pea gravel or a tiny groundcover that will grow in shade. Finish off with a pretty bench and container garden, preferably one with some height.